Sunday, August 26, 2007

How to Remove SunRocket's Config from Your LinkSys ATA

This file will get rid of all the Sunrocket customizations to your Linksys ATA so you can take it with you to another provider like ViaTalk or Vonage..

  1. From a web browser, go to http://<your_linksys_ip_address>/admin/voice/advanced (replacing, of course, <your_linksys_ip_address> with the IP address you use to access the web interface of your Linksys).
  2. Clear the "Restricted Access Domains" field.
  3. Go to http://<your_linksys_ip_address>/admin/resync? (replacing, of course, <your_linksys_ip_address> with the IP address you use to access the web interface of your Linksys).
Your Sunrocket configs are now deleted.

Thanks to username1961 :)

Friday, August 24, 2007

LiveCD to Unlock Your Linksys SPA-2102

Important Information - Read First

  2. You assume all risk associated with running the LiveCD. Any damage to persons, property, or data are the sole responsibility of the user. By downloading and running the CD, you acknowledge and accept these risks and hold the author(s) of the various programs, scripts, and methods harmless for any and all damages. If you do not agree to these terms and conditions, do not download or use the LiveCD.
Thanks to undef for pointing these out to me. Here are some instructions (from on how to use the LiveCD I posted about yesterday:

Semi-Automated Unlocking of the SPA-2102 is now possible by using a custom Live CD. The Live CD handles much of the work involved in preparing your system to unlock the SPA, although some manual steps are still required.

  1. Download the Live CD here (MD5: 4bfdf4d238d0405305e874a8ada53e1a). This will redirect to for more reliable downloads.
  2. Burn the ISO image to CD
  3. To run the LiveCD, you will need:
    • PC or Intel MAC with a CD-ROM
    • An ethernet cable, switch, or hub
    • A locked SPA2102-r
  4. Reboot your computer using the LiveCD.
  5. Follow the directions and prompts as they are presented to you.
  6. None of the pauses should last for more than five minutes. If they last that long, it is because your network connection to the SPA2102 is bad. Try a different cable(s) or a crossover cable and restart the CD.
  7. The username and password for web administration will be set to admin' and qwe%zxc5 , respectively.
  8. The URL to access the web interface, from the ETHERNET port, after unlocking the device will usually be If this does not work, try connecting the device to your switch or router using the INTERNET port - it will acquire an IP address from your router and accept connections to the web interface on that address. To determine what IP address it acquired, please reference the product manuals or literature for your specific router/switch/gateway.

Your device is now unlocked! You can now take it to another provider like ViaTalk or Vonage.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Manually Unlocking the SPA-2102


There is presently one good way to unlock your Sunrocket SPA-2102 and take it to another provider like ViaTalk or Vonage. A big thank you to Username for this hack!

You'll need a specific config file. It can be found here (Mirrors here, here (IE Only), here, here, or here)

After you get the file, you need to verify the md5sum of the cfg file inside the archive.

In linux, you can do this like so:

gzip -d linksys2102-sunrocket.cfg.gz
md5sum linksys2102-sunrocket.cfg
It should return an md5sum of 9abc05cce6cbc9b4be02b7c3a1b951ca If it does not, then it is not the genuine file, and, should be discarded.

The easiest way to do this, is:

  1. Connect your computer directly to the INTERNET port of your SPA. Some users may need a crossover cable
    • If this doesen't work for you, you might consider something like:
      • Plugging your router's WAN port into your computer [ For this to work you need to be running a DHCP server on your computer or set the SPA to static IP in the network ]
      • You can connect the SPA to any port on your network using the INTERNET port if you set your WAN port to a static IP mask You can do that via either the web interface or the IVR. Instructions can be found here
      • More Suggestions needed
  2. Set your machine's IP address to
  3. Install a webserver on your machine.
  4. Create the directory /gms/linksys/SPA-2102/2102 in your web root.
    • In linux this is generally /var/www
    • In Windows, this can vary greatly, but, might be:
      • c:\inetpub\wwwroot\
      • If you're using apache as suggested above, it will be C:\Program Files\Apache Software Foundation\Apache2.2\htdocs
  5. Copy the file you downloaded to the directory you just created.
  6. Rename the cfg file to <your mac address>.cfg , I.E. 000aaa11bb.cfg all letters are lowercase, and, no dashes or colons.
    • If you don't know how to get your mac address, check the bottom of your SPA.
  7. Type in your computer browser. You should be able to see the 000xxxxxxxxx.cfg file you prepared. (If not, your web server may not be set up properly)
  8. Wait until the light stops blinking and is solid
  9. Pick up the phone, and, dial ****
  10. At the prompt, dial 723646#
  11. When prompted for a password, dial 79309925#
  12. Dial 1#
  13. Dial 1
  14. Hang up
  15. Go to, and, login with the credentials admin and qwe%zxc5 [ For this to work you need to disconnect the device and plug it on the ETHERNET side. You also need to change your computer back to using dhcp if you using windows ].

Congrats! Your gizmo is unlocked! Take it to ViaTalk or Vonage and enjoy your VoIP.

Now, you'll want to at LEAST disable provisioning.

Friday, August 10, 2007

What to do if TeleBlend is giving you the runaround

If you're a paid subscriber to TeleBlend and you're experiencing outages, lack of voicemail, no incoming, no outgoing, etc, etc, etc, you need to do two things:
1. File a dispute with your bank or credit card company for the charges. If they ask why, say it's for failure to provide advertised services.
2. File a complaint with the FCC. Same thing, failure to provide advertised telecom services for which you've paid. If your number port is being held up or stolen by TB, and you can get documentation from your new provider, cite that as well.

I'd say call their CSR lines, but apparently, all circuits are busy :-/

TeleBlend - Final Verdict

All it takes is a quick (well, maybe not "quick", since there are TONS of posts) glance at the SunRocket forums on DSLReports to see that TeleBlend has bitten off more than they can chew. Some examples:

So, what's my verdict: STAY AWAY FROM TELEBLEND. IMHO, they won't be around for more than 6-12 months, if that. Go with another established provider. I've made the switch to ViaTalk (using the instructions I've posted here) and haven't looked back.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

One more AC-211-SR / AC-211-SR-N Password

Another one reported from the trenches of DSRL:


Thursday, August 02, 2007

How to set a new admin password for locked innomedia

Innomedia devices from Sunrocket come with SNMP enabled. The community strings is private.

You simply use any snmp tool to reset the admin password.
The admin password OID is

on a linux machine you can issue

snmpset -v 2c -c private SNMPv2-SMI::enterprises.3354. s newpassword

Then you can use telnet login with your new password.

once you login with telnet you can view your sip username and password

On a Windows machine, use a MIB browser to access the OID above w/ the proper SNMP version and community strings to set the password.

You can now take your device to another provider like ViaTalk or Vonage.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

New web admin password for Linksys SPA2102-r found!

Note: This password is only valid for gizmos that have an IVR password of 79309925

If your Linksys SPA2102-r has an IVR password of 79309925 your corresponding web admin password is: qwe%zxc5

Monday, July 30, 2007

Update to Unlocking your Linksys SPA2102 to work with ViaTalk

There has been one change to the procedure. Check it out here.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

My Correspondance With Lisa Bickford

Over the past few days, I've had the distinct (dis)pleasure of communicating user frustrations to Lisa Bickford, a C-level exec at TeleBlend. What follows is the dialog.

My first email to her:

I am in possession of an Innomedia and Linksys "Gizmo" device from Sunrocket which I wish to take to another provider. However, it seems as though the administrative access password was changed in the past week, since Sunrocket announced it's closure, either by Teleblend or by Sunrocket. As Sunrocket no longer exists as a viable corporate entity, I am formally requesting the administrative passwords to the Linksys and Innomedia devices. (Teleblend must have them, in order to reprovision them for updated SIP credentials, etc)

Thank you,
Her reply:
We have not changed anything on customer devices, nor do we have the “administrative passwords” to any devices. All devices are pointing to standard registration servers which point devices by MAC address to our network. If that information was not previously provided to you by SunRocket then I’m afraid the information is lost to us since SunRocket is out of business.

You may find that either Linksys or Innomedia may be able to tell you how to do a “factory reset” of the device to restore it to whatever the factory default configuration is, but we will not support devices that have been restored to default settings.

Thank you for your inquiry.


Lisa Bickford
voice: 209.320.4309
fax: 209.320.4392
My next email to her:
I appreciate your reponse, however, something isn't settling right with me about this...

Many, many users on the DSLReports forums have reported that, seemingly overnight, the "Gizmo" has been reconfigured, and the old, known, administrative passwords are no longer in effect.

If Teleblend has, as stated on your website, acquired the old Sunrocket network, and presumably the provisioning hardware, as implied by this entry on your FAQ:
Do I have to change my hardware to use your service?
You don’t have to change a thing, just go to our website , sign up your telephone number and your service will continue as normal

You should have the ability to determine and disseminate the passwords to the users who wish to move to another provider. You would not be able to reprovision any Gizmos without this information.

I own my Gizmo, it is not, nor was it ever, Sunrocket property. As an end user, I should have the right and ability to take a piece of equipment I paid for and use it with another VoIP company.

If Teleblend is knowingly withholding this information, it is extremely bad PR and very anti-competitive, neither of which are good for a fledgling VoIP provider in today's unstable times (in the month of July, 2 providers have shuttered).

Please converse with your technical team and have them locate this information. It would make 200,000+ people very happy.

Thank you,
Her response:
As I told you previously, we do not have and never had have passwords for the Linksys or Innomedia devices. They come pre-configured from LinkSys and Innomedia and all we do is accept the MAC code from the device into our system. We are not willingingly withholding anything. As I stated before, we DO NOT have passwords for these devices and we HAVE NOT changed passwords on any devices.

Thank you.

Lisa Bickford
My reply
Thanks again for your reply. Please clarify one point for me (and the thousands of users on

If you don't have the administrative passwords to the devices, how are the administrative passwords being changed? These devices don't "phone home" to Linksys or Innomedia (who have already stated that Sunrocket set the passwords). They are configured to only talk to Sunrocket servers, which are now your servers. The administrative password cannot be changed without first logging in via the administrative password.

If there is some other way in which this change can be made (ie, a telnet backdoor, blank password, etc), please let us know.

Again, there are many users out there with this question. An example, from :

"If they really want to be helpful, they should tell their PR person to stop telling us that Teleblend doesn't know the passwords to our devices. They were changed on Friday, well after Teleblend was claiming they had nothing to do with SR... and yet, miraculously, TB still has access to our ATA's.

All they are doing is making me really, really, mad, since they are basically stealing all I have left after being cheated by SR. And I will look for any way to get back the funds I will have to spend to get a new ATA. Since I have signed no agreement with them, I'm not bound by any arbitration provisions or jurisdiction mandates. They stole my ATA in Virginia, so I hope they are prepared to go to Small Claims Court in VA.

The fact that they have to steal our ATA's demonstrates that they don't even believe their service is the best option. TB should minimize the bad feelings and do the right thing by giving us our passwords back. It would also show their openness and honesty, which might get them some loyalty from SR customers who want the easiest transition. (I can guarantee that with how mad I am now at TB I would NEVER go with them.)"

(This was not posted by me, but by another user, in response to a solication from either a Teleblend employee or contractor).

I can understand your frustration with this, but you need to understand ours (the users). We wake up one morning with NO service, and then *poof* a new company appears with the same tech support phone number as Sunrocket (1-877-252-4549, which shows up in the Google Cache of the page from 19 July, but seems to have been changed to a non-functional 1-877-252-4548 now), the same "Got Vonage" badge on the front page, a website who's SSL cert was repeatedly rejected by browsers and seems to be catering solely to Sunrocket refugees, and PR written by someone living back in 1958 ("Teleblend is a privately held, privately funded, profitable Voice-Over-IP phone service provider offering service in all 48 states." from - I know what was intended, but this doesn't help your credibility).

Please step out of your shoes as CxO of a VoIP provider, and into any one of the 200,000+ pairs of shoes from those who were left high and dry when Sunrocket unceremoniously shut down. For all the reasons, and more, listed in the above paragraph, TeleBlend is fighting an uphill battle when it comes to trust and credibility in the VoIP world right now.

I invite you to join the discussions at DSLReports to help clear the air; it would be welcomed by everyone who is a participant there.

She didn't reply to that one, so I fired another one her way:

Lots of questions are surrounding the legality and legitimacy of your operation. Primary among user concerns at DSLReports is how and why you were able to obtain our billing and shipping information without our express consent. I had no prior relationship with your company, and never authorized Sunrocket, Sherwood Partners, nor TeleBlend to give your company access to my personal information. In the very least, this is a serious privacy breach, at the most, potential wire fraud.

Please address these issues, as well as the issues I brought up in my email from yesterday timestamped at 1:56PM Eastern Time.

With no response to that one, I lobbed this one her way:
Ms Bickford-

You stunned silence doesn't sit will with me, nor the thousands of others who are waiting for these answers.

Yesterday afternoon, the CEO made an attempt, to get us answers in a forum discussion on DSLReports. It was a failure, in every sense of the word. If you doubt me, feel free to browse this thread:

The fact that you're just spouting back the company line on issues like this puts more dings in the credibility of TB. All that's been offered to the stranded Sunrocket users are half-truths and (not so) artfully dodged Q&A sessions.

Do you and your company a favor and be truthful and honest with us. We haven't done anything wrong. We were the ones left stranded when Sunrocket closed, not you. If you really want to do your "customers" a favor, give us straightforward, honest, technical answers to the questions we have posed.

Oh, and once my number port away from Sunrocket is complete, please remove my billing information from your system, which I believe more than ever, is illegal for you to be in possession of without my express written consent.

Thank you,

Finally, a reply:
I am neither stunned nor silent, Mr. Molavi. Simply too busy doing real work to engage in either defending myself or justifying our business model or our business practices. Bill Fogg and I agree that the company must have a common message in order to avoid confusing the
public or conveying inaccurate information. So many things are still in flux due to the abrupt nature of the SunRocket closure. If we could answer your questions completely, we would,but the liquidation assignee for SunRocket is controlling much of the process, not us. We are doing our best in a difficult situation to provide telephone service for displaced customers, not running a scam or deliberately doing anything to further injure the displaced SunRocket customers.

I hope your port to another provider goes well. I look forward to seeing your report of the process on DSLReports. You will see more information from us and the other providers as it unfolds. As soon as we have definite answers to some of these questions rest assured that we
will provide them. I hope you have as much luck talking to the CEO and SVPs of the company you've chosen to transfer your phone service to.

My last email to her:
You've failed miserably. The public is confused.

Either you or Mr. Fogg need to engage in a real dialogue with the customers to set the record straight, once and for all. Skipping out after answering a few questions won't cut it, it only fuels the fires, and the assumptions that TeleBlend is hiding information from the customers.

I look forward to doing no further business with your company, unless, of course, I find out that you are in possession of my billing information.


Another Possible Linksys Password

From a fellow blogger:

EDIT: Try SUNROCKX (without the #) as well

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

New Innomedia Password?

When trying to log in as admin to your Innomedia box, try:
Username: Admin
Password: password

Upgrading Linksys Firmware

From DSLR:

On the Linksys, web admin access is disabled. To enable it, pick up phone, dial **** then 723646# , when asked for password, dial 78778839# , when asked for value dial 1# then dial 1 to save.
Then, go to » , enter user and password.

If gizmo behind router, you also need to enable access from WAN side with option 7932# . Of course, substitute gizmo WAN address in above URL(Important part... I had to use the IP my router assigned my ATA to access it). To hear it, use option 110#, when asked for value dial 1# then dial 1 to save

just turn off provisioning (or set up to provision from new provider) and be careful not to do a factory reset since thus far nobody knows the default SunRocket password.

I then changed the password on the advanced system page.

I also removed the Configuration Profile/Profile Rule: string from the provisioning page along with the Firmware Upgrade/Upgrade Rule: string (so no provisioning would happen and allows me to leave firmware upgrade/provisioning enabled).

Next I went to the linksys support page and downloaded the firmware update.

I followed this by extracting the update and running it.

Finally I entered the IP my router assigned the SPA with my admin password I created, and started the flash it took ~90sec and the ATA rebooted.

I then logged back into the ATA with the IP from last part and looked over the settings.

Monday, July 23, 2007

WORKING Net2Phone firmware for Innomedia..rebrands to OEM

This was provided to a member by net2phone techs. It's a working version (as opposed to the non-working firmware they currently have posted). I would skip the step in the how-to documentation about "Reset to Defaults" to see what happens, as if you do reset to defaults after Net2phone firmware, it will configure it for Net2phone. But, you can always change it.

Actual file here: »

Actual thread here with screenshot of the firmware after flashing:


I'm assuming this will show up soon on the Net2phone Sunrocket page, but for now, there ya go.

How to Find Out Who Owns Your Number

This link will let you know which CLEC controls your number:


1. Fill in appropriate info

2. Click Yellow "Check Eligibility" Link

3. If eligibility is "YES" then checkmark your number

4. Select "Continue" and there will be your CLEC, (e.g. Level-3, Global Crossing, etc...)

Now, go sign up with another provider like ViaTalk or Vonage and get your VoIP on ;)

Password Problems

It seems as though TeleBendOverAndTakeItUpTheAss has reconfigured any Gizmos that don't have autoconfiguration/provisioning disabled, and changed the password to something that we haven't figured out yet.

I sent an email to TB this afternoon asking for the passwords, and will post the reply here when I get one.

Unlocking your Gizmo(Linksys SPA2102) to work with ViaTalk

EDIT: Updated based on feedback. The step in bold text is what has been changed.

From :

As promised, here are the directions to unlocking your gizmo(Lynksys SPA-2102 VOIP Router) to work on ViaTalk's servers.

Step 1: Enable web access (perform functions on home phone)
1. dial ****
2. dial 723646#
3. dial 78778839#
4. dial 1#
5. dial 1 to save

Step 2: Remove access restrictions
1. Go to
2. Enter admin for user and 7UprUtew for password
3. Click on system. Delete the contents of Restricted Access Domain so that it is blank.
4. Hit Submit all changes.

Step 3: Load updated firmware
1. Go to (or from Linksys support) and download to desktop
2. Right click on zip file, extract here.
3. Double click on upg-spa2102-5-1-9.exe
4. Enter for IP hit ok
5. Enter password 7UprUtew hit ok
6. Router stats are displayed, hit upgrade.
7. Hit ok to close utility.

Step 4: Configure Gizmo
1. Go to
2. Enter admin for user and 7UprUtew for password
3. Click on Line1.
4. Change proxy to the server name provided by viatalk.
5. Change outbound proxy to the server name provided by viatalk.
6. Change display name to whatever you wish.
7. Change password to the password that was provided by viatalk.
8. Set use auth id to yes, and set the auth ID text field to your phone number.
9. Set user id to your new viatalk phone number. Don't forget the '1' at the beginning.
10. Click submit all changes to save your settings.
11. Click on provisioning.
12. Delete the contents of both profile rule and upgrade rule so they are blank.
13. Click submit all changes to save your settings.
14. Click on Router.
15. Click on WAN Setup.
16. Change primary ntp server to pick a different time server from
17. Change secondary ntp server to (or pick a different time server from
18. Click submit all changes to save your settings.

All done. You should see your phone settings light up.

Important Notice for Sunrocket Customers Porting To ViaTalk

This was just brought to my attention in the ViaTalk forums at DSLR:
1. ViaTalk does NOT have a method to import your Sunrocket contact list (ie, you can't save it off as a CSV file and import it).
2. If you are using the Custom Caller ID feature in ViaTalk for your incoming/outgoing calls, you will have to re-enter all that information if/when your SunRocket number gets ported to ViaTalk.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Configuring 2 lines with Innomedia MTA6328-2re & Viatalk

From . Presumably the same could be done for the other Gizmos as well.

Adam Nollmeyer commented on my previous post about the 2-line feature offered by Viatalk. I tried it out, and I am glad to report that I have a step-by-step guide on how to get this working.

Before I start - one caveat: for me, line 2 seems to take precedence over line 1. In other words, when someone calls me, the phone connected to line 2 rings, but the phone connected to line 1 does not! Same thing happens for call waiting - only line 2 gets the call. However, I am able to make calls from both lines simultaneously. This may be a Innomedia issue, but I am not certain.

Anyways, here is the step-by-step:

Step 1: Enable line 2 on the Sunrocket/Innomedia MTA6328-2re Gizmo.

a) Enabling the 2nd line is not available via the web interface - it is only available from telnet. Telnet to (in windows, you can do this by going to START -> Run. Type in “telnet″ and click OK)

b) Log in using the username ‘admin’ (all lower-case) and password ‘7UprUtew’ (case-sensitive).

c) Type in ‘Mp’ (without quotes, case-sensitive). This option will allow you the configure the phone ports.

d) Follow the on-screen prompts to enable both the ports. When prompted whether you want to save the configuration permanently, select ‘y’.

e) Power-cycle the gizmo by unplugging the power cord, wait 20 seconds, and plug the power cord back in the gizmo. At this point, your gizmo should have both lines up and running.

Step 2: Configure the second line

a) Go to and login using ‘admin’ and ‘7UprUtew’ as the username and password respectively.

b) From the menu bar, go to VoIP -> User Account. For line 1, your ‘username’ must be set to your 11-digit phone number (starting with country code 1). The password was sent to you by viatalk in the activation email. All other fields must be blank (user name, authentication ID, Hot Phone number). Select ‘No’ for the ‘Use hot phone number’ option, and ‘Yes’ for the ‘Fax T38′ option. Click the “Save” button.

c) Repeat step (b) above for line 2 and click the “Save” button.

Step 3: Reboot/Reset/Power-cycle everything

a) Power cycle your cable modem

b) Power cycle your gizmo (If the gizmo is behind a router, then power cycle the router, then the gizmo)

c) Power cycle the phone connected to Line 1

d) Power cycle the phone connected to Line 2

Now everything should be working! Try it out and let me know how it works. One forewarning: For the first few calls, both my phones were ringing. This issue auto-corrected it self after a few calls. So if this happens to you, just wait 10 minutes or so and try again.


Gizmo + Grand Central + Gizmo Project = Free Phone

First, sign up for the Gizmo Project at, which is free. That gives you a SIP account, which is the protocol VOIP phones use. Basically, it allows you to chat with other online instant messengers, but it also has SIP capabilities.

Then, configure your gizmo with the Gizmo Project servers since the gizmo uses the SIP protocol to communicate.

Then, configure Grand Central to forward all your calls to your Gizmo Project account.

Then, configure your Sunrocket account to forward all calls to your Grand Central number.

Now, when people call either your old Sunrocket number or your new Grand Central number, it goes to your gizmo, which rings your normal home phone. All incoming calls are free.

If you want to make an outgoing call, you can either pay $0.019 per minute, or you can do it for free (only during Grand Central's beta period) by going to your Grand Central account and adding someone to your address book and clicking the "call" button. This makes Grand Central call the person and calls your phone to connect the two, so it counts as an incoming call. So, you can make all outgoing calls for free.

Getting BroadVoice set on a sunrocket SPA-2102

Before you do this you will need to A) enable ADMIN access on the Spa, and B) log into the device.

A) from »···1E44F87/

Unlocking a Linksys SPA2102-R

On the Linksys, web admin access is disabled.

To enable it, pick up phone, dial * * * * then 723646# , when asked for password, dial 78778839# , when asked for value dial 1# then dial 1 to save.

Then, go to » , enter user and password.

If gizmo behind router, you also need to enable access from WAN side with option 7932# . Of course, substitute gizmo WAN address in above URL. To hear it, use option 110#.

B) Once logged in click on Admin Login then Advanced. Once the page comes back click on VOICE then LINE 1 (or 2). Images follow (click for full size):

Thursday, July 19, 2007

TeleBlend Update

I'm a man, I can admit when I'm wrong. It appears that TeleBlend is one of the "preferred" providers according to the Sunrocket email. I still find it odd that they don't have any corporate information online, that their domain is less than a week old, that their TOS is a copy/paste of Sunrocket's, and that their support phone number is the same as Sunrocket's.

BUT, since Sunrocket has named them as an alternative, and there are reports on DSLR about success with them, they might not be all evil (just a little evil). Anyway, use them at your own risk. I still recommend established providers like Vonage, ViaTalk, and others.

WARNING!!! TeleBlend VoIP Service

DSLReports users have reported that a company called "TeleBlend" has been selected as one of the "official" Sunrocket replacements. However, a quick look at their website's WHOIS information shows that the domain was registered just yesterday:

Network Operations
520 E Zarragossa Street
Pensacola, Florida 32502
United States

Registered through:, Inc. (
Created on: 17-Jul-07
Expires on: 18-Jul-09
Last Updated on: 17-Jul-07

Administrative Contact:
Operations, Network
520 E Zarragossa Street
Pensacola, Florida 32502
United States
(850) 470-5502

Technical Contact:
Operations, Network
520 E Zarragossa Street
Pensacola, Florida 32502
United States
(850) 470-5502

Domain servers in listed order:

Whois Server Version 2.0

Domain names in the .com and .net domains can now be registered
with many different competing registrars. Go to
for detailed information.

Registrar: GODADDY.COM, INC.
Whois Server:
Referral URL:
Status: clientDeleteProhibited
Status: clientRenewProhibited
Status: clientTransferProhibited
Status: clientUpdateProhibited
Updated Date: 18-jul-2007
Creation Date: 18-jul-2007
Expiration Date: 18-jul-2009

I would be extremely cautious about this company as they just popped up on the VoIP radar. Their SSL certs do not appear to be verified in Firefox. Even scarier, it appears that they have the complete SunRocket subscriber database. If you go to the Signup page and enter your number, they've got your name and address. My advice: stay away.

ATS E6501S (sold at Staples) Instructions

Here are the passwords:

Login: user/welcome - Regular user login that changes router settings
Login: tech/kaboom - Administrative that also adds voice changes

ATS Configuration Location: Voice > Basic

DID: (New phone number)
Display Name: (Your choice - not needed)
SIP Name: (New phone number)
SIP Password: (New password)
Proxy Server Address: (New SIP address)
Proxy Server: 5060 (default)
Registrar Server Address:
(New SIP address)
Registrar Server Port: 5060 (default)
Registrar Address of Record: (blank - default)
Registration Retry Interval(s): 60 (default)
Outbound Proxy Address: (Provided by your new provider, might just be the SIP address)
Outbound Proxy Port: 0 (zero - default)
Dial Plan: (Probably safe to leave as-is)
Digit Timer: 5000 (default)

Using your Gizmo with other providers

My only experience here has been moving the Innomedia and AC-211 Gizmo's (Linksys is forthcoming) over to ViaTalk. However, I believe that the process should be similar, if not the same for other providers. They will provide you with a phone number, username, password, SIP server/port, and possibly CODEC information. Follow the instructions here and you should be able to use your Gizmo with just about any provider you want.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

WARNING!!! Class Action Lawsuit Page

There is a post on with a link to a SunRocket Class Action Lawsuit page. The page is supposedly "maintained by the law firm handling the class action", however they do not identify themselves anywhere on the page. Further, the WHOIS locator for the domain reveals an anonymous (private) registration:

Domains by Proxy, Inc.
15111 N. Hayden Rd., Ste 160, PMB 353
Scottsdale, Arizona 85260
United States

Registered through:, Inc. (»
Created on: 17-Jul-07
Expires on: 17-Jul-08
Last Updated on: 17-Jul-07

Administrative Contact:
Private, Registration
Domains by Proxy, Inc.
15111 N. Hayden Rd., Ste 160, PMB 353
Scottsdale, Arizona 85260
United States
(480) 624-2599 Fax -- (480) 624-2599

Technical Contact:
Private, Registration
Domains by Proxy, Inc.
15111 N. Hayden Rd., Ste 160, PMB 353
Scottsdale, Arizona 85260
United States
(480) 624-2599 Fax -- (480) 624-2599

Domain servers in listed order:

Registry Status: clientRenewProhibited
Registry Status: clientTransferProhibited
Registry Status: clientUpdateProhibited
Registry Status: clientDeleteProhibited

The signup form requests your email address, SunRocket account number, and other sensitive personal identification material. My recommendation at this point is to not give any information to this site, as the operators are unknown.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Unlocking a Linksys SPA2102-R

On the Linksys, web admin access is disabled.

To enable it, pick up phone, dial * * * * then 723646# , when asked for
password, dial 78778839# , when asked for value dial 1# then dial 1 to
Then, go to » , enter user and password.

If gizmo behind router, you also need to enable access from WAN side
with option 7932# . Of course, substitute gizmo WAN address in above
URL. To hear it, use option 110#

Do NOT do a factory reset.

Innomedia for ViaTalk


  1. Disconnect your WAN port from the gizmo
  2. Open your browser (I used IE - cannot verify if it will work with any other browser). Go to » - the IP Address will verify if you changed the default settings in the gizmo. If so, use that address, but DO NOT FORGET the /Voice_adminPage.htm at the end.
  3. Login using your admin password. If you do not know the password, try one available at »
  4. Turn off provisioning if you have not done this already. To do this, go to NETWORK -> Provisioning setting. Uncheck the "Enable Provisioning" box and hit the "Save and Reboot" button. After rebooting, you may not be able to login to the admin account since the reboot will default to index.htm. Hit CANCEL, and go to » to login.
  5. Go to VOIP -> SIP Proxy and enter these settings:
    1. SIP Proxy - Enter exactly what was sent in your email from ViaTalk. Remove any whitespaces at the end.
    2. Check "Use Outbound Proxy" box
    3. SIP Local Signaling Port: 5060
    4. SIP Domain:
    5. Registration Expiration time: 60
    6. Preferred Codecs List: PCMU/8000
    7. Choose "NONE" for all others.
    8. Click "Save" button.
  6. Go to VOIP -> User Account.
    1. Choose Line 1 from dropdown
    2. User ID: Your 11-digit phone number from email (starting with country code 1)
    3. Password: From email
    4. User Name: Same as User ID above
    5. Authentication ID:
    6. Use Hot Phone Number: NO
    7. Hot Phone Number:
    8. Use T38 FAX: Yes
    9. Click "Save" button
Reboot your cable/dsl modem, then reboot your gizmo, and power-cycle your phone (if it is a powered phone). ENJOY!!

Check under the "information" to see if line 1 is registered

Note that when the port of your SR number to ViaTalk is complete, you'll need to use your SR number in place of your ViaTalk number in these configs.

ViaTalk SUCCESS!! (AC-211)

I got my new (temporary) ViaTalk number, unlocked my AC-211, and put in their info. I've got my SR number forwarding to my ViaTalk number, so I don't have to give out the temp number for the duration of the porting period. For those of you who are using the AC-211, here are the settings you need:

  1. Under the "SIP" menu, use whatever server they give you as the primary server, port 5060.
  2. For the Line 1 entry on the SIP screen:
    1. The User/Phone number AND Authentication Name are the phone ViaTalk gives you.
    2. The password is the one ViaTalk gives you.
    3. Next, click the "Line 1" tab.
    4. Change "Send out of band telephone events" to RFC 2833. Payload value is 101. Do this for the Line 2 tab as well.
  3. Next, click the CODECS menu.
    1. For both lines, use G711U.
Oh, and disable autoconfiguration

Note that when the port of your SR number to ViaTalk is complete, you'll need to use your SR number in place of your ViaTalk number in these configs.

Innomedia Gizmo bricked? Try this!

First a disclaimer - I have NOT tried this, but found this info on - I turned off provisioning last night when the u7... password was working. Try this and see if it works. Please remember - DO NOT STAY CONNECTED ON THE NET when you do this until you have turned off provisioning on your innomedia.

Sorry, I do not have matching information for the Linksys and SPA adapters... if someone does, please post it in this thread.

Here are some instructions for setting up an InnoMedia gizmo manually, from scratch, in this case using a server on an alternate port.

1. Unplug cable from gizmo WAN port (so you are disconnected from Internet).

2. With PC connected to gizmo LAN port, go to » , log in with user and welcome.

3. Open this URL: » ; after about 15 seconds you should see a message about reset to defaults. Wait another 30 seconds.

4. Close browser window. At this point your gizmo should be in the same state as when SR first shipped it to you.

5. Open a new browser window, go to » (do not open gizmo home page first).

6. When prompted for password, use user: admin and password: slapshot

7. Go to IP Network->Provisioning Setting. Uncheck Enable Provisioning. Click Save & Reboot. Click OK to warning.

8. When prompted, log in again with admin and slapshot . If you have trouble, close window, open another, go to »

9. Gp to IP Network->Interface Setting. Re-enter your static IP or PPPoE information, if needed. Click Save & Reboot. Click ok to warning.

10. Reconnect gizmo WAN cable. WAN light should come on, and your Internet connection should be working again. Of course, VoIP will still be out.

11. Log into gizmo again as admin. Go to VoIP->SIP Proxy. SIP Proxy will show as ; change to

12. In Preferred CODECs List, change 2nd entry from G729A/8000 to NONE. Click Save; Click OK to warning.

13. Go to VoIP->User Account. Enter your data for User ID, User Password, Confirm Password, User Name, Authentication ID.
Note: User ID and User Name are your 10-digit SR Phone number. Authentication ID is 15 digits. Password is 24 characters. The quotes are not part of the password, but the two equal signs at the end are. You should paste this data into both the User Password and the Confirm Password fields, as entering it manually is very error prone.

14. Set Enable T38 FAX to No. Click Save. Click OK to warning.

15. Go to Management->Reboot. Click OK to warning.

16. With luck, you should get a VoIP light within one minute.

Notes to other users who may try this:
If your SIP password contains one or more + characters, there is a bug that prevents you from entering it via the Inno web interface; use telnet instead (Cu command).
If you are in the US, note that this setup will not receive updates from SR; your service may stop working if a critical update is pushed, until you make it manually. Be sure that you have a reliable alternate means of making an emergency call.

(Thanks to

Master password for ALL Gizmos

If you have the Innomedia and can't get this to work, try this link.

According to a reputable source:

For all 3 gizmos:

1-- AC-211, AC-211n
2-- INNOMEDIA (MTA-6329, MTA-6329re)
3-- LINKSYS (SPA-2102)

the master logins are:

USER: admin

If the login screen doesn't ask for a username (like the AC-211), just input the password.

Another possible AC-211 Admin password

Try one of these for your AC-211 (maybe AC-211n, too):

  • s.M
  • ~~}G^
  • ~~u*9

Monday, July 16, 2007

Crap, the Yellow Bird Bit the Dust

Use the programs here to crack your passwords, or try these:

User: admin
Password: 7UprUtew

Once you unlock your Gizmo, you can take it to ViaTalk and use the BYOD plan to avoid the activation fees.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

By Popular Demand, the Crack Programs

There have been so many requests, I'm going to post the files that you need to crack the admin passwords on the AC-211-N and AC-211-SR.

The first program you need to run is the AC-211 Crack, then input the number it finds into the CRC16 Search. Together, they will give you the current admin password of your AC-211-SR/N Gizmo.

I did not create these programs, and I will not be held liable for any problems caused by using them.

Here they are:

*Edit - Thanks to Jeff in Kalamazoo for picking up that I had the program execution order reversed.