Friday, July 20, 2007

Getting BroadVoice set on a sunrocket SPA-2102

Before you do this you will need to A) enable ADMIN access on the Spa, and B) log into the device.

A) from »···1E44F87/

Unlocking a Linksys SPA2102-R

On the Linksys, web admin access is disabled.

To enable it, pick up phone, dial * * * * then 723646# , when asked for password, dial 78778839# , when asked for value dial 1# then dial 1 to save.

Then, go to » , enter user and password.

If gizmo behind router, you also need to enable access from WAN side with option 7932# . Of course, substitute gizmo WAN address in above URL. To hear it, use option 110#.

B) Once logged in click on Admin Login then Advanced. Once the page comes back click on VOICE then LINE 1 (or 2). Images follow (click for full size):


Chris said...

Exact hardware, password says invalid. Are there other PW's to try?????


Opportunity said...

This is a message to the good samaritan who is writing this blog. First of all thank you - you are providing lots of lemonade from the big SR lemon. seems right now there is a big problem out there for Linksys users - and that is that some of us (yes, I am among those...) have Factory Reset our 2102 boxes and have no way to reach the Provisioning menu.

All across the web there are different opinions - including ones that claim 2102's cannot be unlocked at all because the Admin PW is burned permanetly in the hardware. And most advisers simply repeat the instructions for folks who have not factory reset. No one has consistently provided the insight you seem to have...

So...Good Samaritan of this Blog...Please tell us how to unlock our "factory reset" 2102's...