Monday, July 23, 2007

Password Problems

It seems as though TeleBendOverAndTakeItUpTheAss has reconfigured any Gizmos that don't have autoconfiguration/provisioning disabled, and changed the password to something that we haven't figured out yet.

I sent an email to TB this afternoon asking for the passwords, and will post the reply here when I get one.


Joshua said...

Okay I have control of my AC-211N. I've also changed the ADMIN password from the default of s.M

I currently have Auto Config off... if I turn on the auto config are they able to change my new Admin password thus locking me out... Where the heck to they get off on changing it... they don't have any rights to the devices anyways.


Carl said...

If you can ever get back into the device you might also want to delete the server address and filename from the automatic configuration least of the AC-211. This should keep it from updating itself with sunrockets servers if somehow you accidentally turn the automatic updates back on. Still doesn't do anything if you reset to factory defaults.

Star*Guitar said...

It does tell how to get to the default password on this site. It is under How to un-brick you Gizmo or something like that. .

It is real easy. Hit the reset button on the back of the Gizmo. Log on to this link

copy and past the path in your Internet Explorer address bar. Make sure you leave no spaces at the end.

The default administration log on is "admin" the password is "slipshot".

Then turn off provisioning and your all set. Also put in your own user ID and passwords. So they can't get into it.

I also updated the firmware for the heck of it.

nospams said...

Star*Guitar, is that for the AC211 or another gizmo?