Friday, August 24, 2007

LiveCD to Unlock Your Linksys SPA-2102

Important Information - Read First

  2. You assume all risk associated with running the LiveCD. Any damage to persons, property, or data are the sole responsibility of the user. By downloading and running the CD, you acknowledge and accept these risks and hold the author(s) of the various programs, scripts, and methods harmless for any and all damages. If you do not agree to these terms and conditions, do not download or use the LiveCD.
Thanks to undef for pointing these out to me. Here are some instructions (from on how to use the LiveCD I posted about yesterday:

Semi-Automated Unlocking of the SPA-2102 is now possible by using a custom Live CD. The Live CD handles much of the work involved in preparing your system to unlock the SPA, although some manual steps are still required.

  1. Download the Live CD here (MD5: 4bfdf4d238d0405305e874a8ada53e1a). This will redirect to for more reliable downloads.
  2. Burn the ISO image to CD
  3. To run the LiveCD, you will need:
    • PC or Intel MAC with a CD-ROM
    • An ethernet cable, switch, or hub
    • A locked SPA2102-r
  4. Reboot your computer using the LiveCD.
  5. Follow the directions and prompts as they are presented to you.
  6. None of the pauses should last for more than five minutes. If they last that long, it is because your network connection to the SPA2102 is bad. Try a different cable(s) or a crossover cable and restart the CD.
  7. The username and password for web administration will be set to admin' and qwe%zxc5 , respectively.
  8. The URL to access the web interface, from the ETHERNET port, after unlocking the device will usually be If this does not work, try connecting the device to your switch or router using the INTERNET port - it will acquire an IP address from your router and accept connections to the web interface on that address. To determine what IP address it acquired, please reference the product manuals or literature for your specific router/switch/gateway.

Your device is now unlocked! You can now take it to another provider like ViaTalk or Vonage.