Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Unlocking a Linksys SPA2102-R

On the Linksys, web admin access is disabled.

To enable it, pick up phone, dial * * * * then 723646# , when asked for
password, dial 78778839# , when asked for value dial 1# then dial 1 to
Then, go to » , enter user and password.

If gizmo behind router, you also need to enable access from WAN side
with option 7932# . Of course, substitute gizmo WAN address in above
URL. To hear it, use option 110#

Do NOT do a factory reset.

Innomedia for ViaTalk

From http://www.dslreports.com/forum/r18692448-VERIFIED-guide-use-Innomedia-Gizmo-on-ViaTalk-

  1. Disconnect your WAN port from the gizmo
  2. Open your browser (I used IE - cannot verify if it will work with any other browser). Go to » - the IP Address will verify if you changed the default settings in the gizmo. If so, use that address, but DO NOT FORGET the /Voice_adminPage.htm at the end.
  3. Login using your admin password. If you do not know the password, try one available at »gizmopasswords.blogspot.com
  4. Turn off provisioning if you have not done this already. To do this, go to NETWORK -> Provisioning setting. Uncheck the "Enable Provisioning" box and hit the "Save and Reboot" button. After rebooting, you may not be able to login to the admin account since the reboot will default to index.htm. Hit CANCEL, and go to » to login.
  5. Go to VOIP -> SIP Proxy and enter these settings:
    1. SIP Proxy - Enter exactly what was sent in your email from ViaTalk. Remove any whitespaces at the end.
    2. Check "Use Outbound Proxy" box
    3. SIP Local Signaling Port: 5060
    4. SIP Domain:
    5. Registration Expiration time: 60
    6. Preferred Codecs List: PCMU/8000
    7. Choose "NONE" for all others.
    8. Click "Save" button.
  6. Go to VOIP -> User Account.
    1. Choose Line 1 from dropdown
    2. User ID: Your 11-digit phone number from email (starting with country code 1)
    3. Password: From email
    4. User Name: Same as User ID above
    5. Authentication ID:
    6. Use Hot Phone Number: NO
    7. Hot Phone Number:
    8. Use T38 FAX: Yes
    9. Click "Save" button
Reboot your cable/dsl modem, then reboot your gizmo, and power-cycle your phone (if it is a powered phone). ENJOY!!

Check under the "information" to see if line 1 is registered

Note that when the port of your SR number to ViaTalk is complete, you'll need to use your SR number in place of your ViaTalk number in these configs.

ViaTalk SUCCESS!! (AC-211)

I got my new (temporary) ViaTalk number, unlocked my AC-211, and put in their info. I've got my SR number forwarding to my ViaTalk number, so I don't have to give out the temp number for the duration of the porting period. For those of you who are using the AC-211, here are the settings you need:

  1. Under the "SIP" menu, use whatever server they give you as the primary server, port 5060.
  2. For the Line 1 entry on the SIP screen:
    1. The User/Phone number AND Authentication Name are the phone ViaTalk gives you.
    2. The password is the one ViaTalk gives you.
    3. Next, click the "Line 1" tab.
    4. Change "Send out of band telephone events" to RFC 2833. Payload value is 101. Do this for the Line 2 tab as well.
  3. Next, click the CODECS menu.
    1. For both lines, use G711U.
Oh, and disable autoconfiguration

Note that when the port of your SR number to ViaTalk is complete, you'll need to use your SR number in place of your ViaTalk number in these configs.

Innomedia Gizmo bricked? Try this!

First a disclaimer - I have NOT tried this, but found this info on sunrocketforum.com - I turned off provisioning last night when the u7... password was working. Try this and see if it works. Please remember - DO NOT STAY CONNECTED ON THE NET when you do this until you have turned off provisioning on your innomedia.

Sorry, I do not have matching information for the Linksys and SPA adapters... if someone does, please post it in this thread.

Here are some instructions for setting up an InnoMedia gizmo manually, from scratch, in this case using a server on an alternate port.

1. Unplug cable from gizmo WAN port (so you are disconnected from Internet).

2. With PC connected to gizmo LAN port, go to » , log in with user and welcome.

3. Open this URL: » ; after about 15 seconds you should see a message about reset to defaults. Wait another 30 seconds.

4. Close browser window. At this point your gizmo should be in the same state as when SR first shipped it to you.

5. Open a new browser window, go to » (do not open gizmo home page first).

6. When prompted for password, use user: admin and password: slapshot

7. Go to IP Network->Provisioning Setting. Uncheck Enable Provisioning. Click Save & Reboot. Click OK to warning.

8. When prompted, log in again with admin and slapshot . If you have trouble, close window, open another, go to »

9. Gp to IP Network->Interface Setting. Re-enter your static IP or PPPoE information, if needed. Click Save & Reboot. Click ok to warning.

10. Reconnect gizmo WAN cable. WAN light should come on, and your Internet connection should be working again. Of course, VoIP will still be out.

11. Log into gizmo again as admin. Go to VoIP->SIP Proxy. SIP Proxy will show as ; change to

12. In Preferred CODECs List, change 2nd entry from G729A/8000 to NONE. Click Save; Click OK to warning.

13. Go to VoIP->User Account. Enter your data for User ID, User Password, Confirm Password, User Name, Authentication ID.
Note: User ID and User Name are your 10-digit SR Phone number. Authentication ID is 15 digits. Password is 24 characters. The quotes are not part of the password, but the two equal signs at the end are. You should paste this data into both the User Password and the Confirm Password fields, as entering it manually is very error prone.

14. Set Enable T38 FAX to No. Click Save. Click OK to warning.

15. Go to Management->Reboot. Click OK to warning.

16. With luck, you should get a VoIP light within one minute.

Notes to other users who may try this:
If your SIP password contains one or more + characters, there is a bug that prevents you from entering it via the Inno web interface; use telnet instead (Cu command).
If you are in the US, note that this setup will not receive updates from SR; your service may stop working if a critical update is pushed, until you make it manually. Be sure that you have a reliable alternate means of making an emergency call.

(Thanks to http://www.dslreports.com/forum/r18689803-Innomedia-Gizmo-bricked-Try-this)

Master password for ALL Gizmos

If you have the Innomedia and can't get this to work, try this link.

According to a reputable source:

For all 3 gizmos:

1-- AC-211, AC-211n
2-- INNOMEDIA (MTA-6329, MTA-6329re)
3-- LINKSYS (SPA-2102)

the master logins are:

USER: admin

If the login screen doesn't ask for a username (like the AC-211), just input the password.

Another possible AC-211 Admin password

Try one of these for your AC-211 (maybe AC-211n, too):

  • s.M
  • ~~}G^
  • ~~u*9