Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Firmware! Get Your Firmware Here!!

As I outlined below, one of the many advantages of having the admin password to your Gizmo is the ability to upload new firmware.

For the AC-211-SR, the most current version is 4.62.14 (both APP and LDR). For the Innomedia, it's 3.0.77.

The links are below, and remember, use with caution:
For the AC-211-SR, you need both APP and LDR. Download LDR to the Gizmo first, then reset, then download APP, then reset again.

AC-211-SR 4.62.14 APP
AC-211-SR 4.62.14 LDR

Innomedia 3.0.77

I don't know if the AC-211-SR firmware will function in the AC-211-N. Try searching on or before attempting this.