Thursday, July 19, 2007

TeleBlend Update

I'm a man, I can admit when I'm wrong. It appears that TeleBlend is one of the "preferred" providers according to the Sunrocket email. I still find it odd that they don't have any corporate information online, that their domain is less than a week old, that their TOS is a copy/paste of Sunrocket's, and that their support phone number is the same as Sunrocket's.

BUT, since Sunrocket has named them as an alternative, and there are reports on DSLR about success with them, they might not be all evil (just a little evil). Anyway, use them at your own risk. I still recommend established providers like Vonage, ViaTalk, and others.


Julian said...

The TeleBlend domain was registered Tuesday, and you can put in any phone # on the "order" (TOS) page (try 1234567890). Unlike every other VOIP provider, they have NO products -- only the SunRocket "transfer promotion". There is no clue about what pricing will be after the end of the "promotion". The website looks like it was thrown together in 10 minutes. The phone number is definitely one of SunRocket's old numbers. I've seen phishing scams more professional ... it still might be legit, but I'd be extremely wary and personally I'm staying clear.

Dia said...

lease help me set up innomediaMTA6328-2re to vonics. I was able to unlock with your help but what to do now??

nospams said...

I don't think its any big secret, these guys are Sunrocket with a new name (so they aren't Sunrocket :).

They will probably get sued by sunrocket's creditors at some point, and their offer isn't all that great anyway.

By the way, they are now saying they will charge $20/month after your previous pre-paid and unused months w/ Sunrocket are over ($13/month until then).

soundcreations said...

Good News
I just signed up and within just a little while.

Bad News...maybe
I just tried to reset my Gizmo to make sure I could get the admin priviledges back and guess seems Teleblend may have pushed new firmware or something into my Gizmo that changed the passwords.

If anyone can confirm this please let me know.

Aaron Cook said...

Teleblend was setup just for this transition. They are owned by Unified Communications Corp.

From the Wall Street Journal:

Creditors of Failed Web-Phone Firm Reach
Customer Deal With Two Former Competitors
July 19, 2007; Page B3

Creditors of SunRocket Inc., a failed Internet phone company, have reached deals with two former competitors, 8×8 Inc. and Unified Communications Corp., that names those companies as “preferred” service providers for SunRocket’s 200,000 customers.

SunRocket customers, who abruptly lost service Monday, will not have to pay 8×8’s normal start up costs for its Packet8 service, a little over $100, according to a written 8×8 statement. The company also plans to offer one month of free service for former SunRocket subscribers who will be able to maintain their existing numbers. Unified Communications, which offers a service called Teleblend, will offer SunRocket customers a special rate of $12.95 a month for the remainder of their contracts, according to Unified’s Web site.

The two companies will pay SunRocket’s creditors, represented by Sherwood Partners LLP, an undisclosed fee for each subscriber that switches to their service. The agreement doesn’t restrict SunRocket subscribers from choosing different providers.

Simeon said...

Jumped the gun a little.
It seemed that I needed to be a little bit more patient when following the directions and not connect the WAN port until I had been able to get into the Admin and trun the Provisioning off.

A little scary but that's how it goes.
I still do not have the VOIP light going with my new Teleblend account...Ticket submitted ;<)

Steve said...

Extreme warning! I signed up for Teleblend, I never got turned back on, they put a hold on my funds, but never gave me account information, nor did they provision me so I had service. I opened a help ticket (after being on hold an hour), they never called me back. I emailed them multiple times, they never got back to me.

When I emailed them again this morning to cancel my account, it got returned saying mailbox was full. I spent an hour twenty minutes on hold waiting for help on the phone, they never answered. I left a message and tried to call back, the support phone number is now saying its been disconnected.

I've requested to get my account cancelled and move on, but no response from them. If the hold isn't released, I'll be filing a fraud claim with my bank on Monday or Tuesday to try to recover the money they're trying to take, and to be sure they don't charge me anymore.


Bob said...

To everyone who has sunrocket don't sign-up with Teleblend this company is no more then two weeks old, has sunrocket's old numbers. Is sunrocket trying to make a little money on the side?.
When Adelphia went under Timewarner cable and Comcast bought Adelphia out
is this legal yes.

Thunder said...

Teleblend is owned by Nationwide Internet. They boought the SR servers, software and account lists and Gizmos that were liquidated by Sherwood Partners. The CS is nationwide's call center in Phoenix. Servers are in Lexena, KS....

Check it out before you jump, as a porting from teleblend will be easier than when SR closes today.