Friday, November 10, 2006

Why you (might) need the administrator password

Some people have been asking what benefits there are to having the administrator password to their Gizmo. Truth be told, if you're a normal, everyday user, you probably don't need it, unless you're curious about the inner workings of your Gizmo.

But, if you're a "power user", if you've left Sunrocket to go with another provider and you want to unlock your Gizmo, you will need it. Some of the things that can be done with the administrator password are:

  1. Edit your SIP settings, useful if you're moving to another VoIP provider.
  2. Change your dial plan, useful if you want to replace 411 with 1-800-FREE411.
  3. Upgrading your Gizmo's firmware. Maybe you've got call quality issues, and have read on or that a firmware upgrade will solve them.
  4. Enable or disable CODECs.
  5. Many others...

Remember, changing settings without knowing what they do can render your Gizmo a brick, so do so with caution.

One important tip: If you've gone into your Gizmo and tweaked some settings, make sure you turn off autoconfiguration. Otherwise, your settings will be lost the next time the Gizmo "phones home", and you may also lose administrator access if Sunrocket chooses to change the administrator password.