Sunday, August 26, 2007

How to Remove SunRocket's Config from Your LinkSys ATA

This file will get rid of all the Sunrocket customizations to your Linksys ATA so you can take it with you to another provider like ViaTalk or Vonage..

  1. From a web browser, go to http://<your_linksys_ip_address>/admin/voice/advanced (replacing, of course, <your_linksys_ip_address> with the IP address you use to access the web interface of your Linksys).
  2. Clear the "Restricted Access Domains" field.
  3. Go to http://<your_linksys_ip_address>/admin/resync? (replacing, of course, <your_linksys_ip_address> with the IP address you use to access the web interface of your Linksys).
Your Sunrocket configs are now deleted.

Thanks to username1961 :)

Friday, August 24, 2007

LiveCD to Unlock Your Linksys SPA-2102

Important Information - Read First

  2. You assume all risk associated with running the LiveCD. Any damage to persons, property, or data are the sole responsibility of the user. By downloading and running the CD, you acknowledge and accept these risks and hold the author(s) of the various programs, scripts, and methods harmless for any and all damages. If you do not agree to these terms and conditions, do not download or use the LiveCD.
Thanks to undef for pointing these out to me. Here are some instructions (from on how to use the LiveCD I posted about yesterday:

Semi-Automated Unlocking of the SPA-2102 is now possible by using a custom Live CD. The Live CD handles much of the work involved in preparing your system to unlock the SPA, although some manual steps are still required.

  1. Download the Live CD here (MD5: 4bfdf4d238d0405305e874a8ada53e1a). This will redirect to for more reliable downloads.
  2. Burn the ISO image to CD
  3. To run the LiveCD, you will need:
    • PC or Intel MAC with a CD-ROM
    • An ethernet cable, switch, or hub
    • A locked SPA2102-r
  4. Reboot your computer using the LiveCD.
  5. Follow the directions and prompts as they are presented to you.
  6. None of the pauses should last for more than five minutes. If they last that long, it is because your network connection to the SPA2102 is bad. Try a different cable(s) or a crossover cable and restart the CD.
  7. The username and password for web administration will be set to admin' and qwe%zxc5 , respectively.
  8. The URL to access the web interface, from the ETHERNET port, after unlocking the device will usually be If this does not work, try connecting the device to your switch or router using the INTERNET port - it will acquire an IP address from your router and accept connections to the web interface on that address. To determine what IP address it acquired, please reference the product manuals or literature for your specific router/switch/gateway.

Your device is now unlocked! You can now take it to another provider like ViaTalk or Vonage.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Manually Unlocking the SPA-2102


There is presently one good way to unlock your Sunrocket SPA-2102 and take it to another provider like ViaTalk or Vonage. A big thank you to Username for this hack!

You'll need a specific config file. It can be found here (Mirrors here, here (IE Only), here, here, or here)

After you get the file, you need to verify the md5sum of the cfg file inside the archive.

In linux, you can do this like so:

gzip -d linksys2102-sunrocket.cfg.gz
md5sum linksys2102-sunrocket.cfg
It should return an md5sum of 9abc05cce6cbc9b4be02b7c3a1b951ca If it does not, then it is not the genuine file, and, should be discarded.

The easiest way to do this, is:

  1. Connect your computer directly to the INTERNET port of your SPA. Some users may need a crossover cable
    • If this doesen't work for you, you might consider something like:
      • Plugging your router's WAN port into your computer [ For this to work you need to be running a DHCP server on your computer or set the SPA to static IP in the network ]
      • You can connect the SPA to any port on your network using the INTERNET port if you set your WAN port to a static IP mask You can do that via either the web interface or the IVR. Instructions can be found here
      • More Suggestions needed
  2. Set your machine's IP address to
  3. Install a webserver on your machine.
  4. Create the directory /gms/linksys/SPA-2102/2102 in your web root.
    • In linux this is generally /var/www
    • In Windows, this can vary greatly, but, might be:
      • c:\inetpub\wwwroot\
      • If you're using apache as suggested above, it will be C:\Program Files\Apache Software Foundation\Apache2.2\htdocs
  5. Copy the file you downloaded to the directory you just created.
  6. Rename the cfg file to <your mac address>.cfg , I.E. 000aaa11bb.cfg all letters are lowercase, and, no dashes or colons.
    • If you don't know how to get your mac address, check the bottom of your SPA.
  7. Type in your computer browser. You should be able to see the 000xxxxxxxxx.cfg file you prepared. (If not, your web server may not be set up properly)
  8. Wait until the light stops blinking and is solid
  9. Pick up the phone, and, dial ****
  10. At the prompt, dial 723646#
  11. When prompted for a password, dial 79309925#
  12. Dial 1#
  13. Dial 1
  14. Hang up
  15. Go to, and, login with the credentials admin and qwe%zxc5 [ For this to work you need to disconnect the device and plug it on the ETHERNET side. You also need to change your computer back to using dhcp if you using windows ].

Congrats! Your gizmo is unlocked! Take it to ViaTalk or Vonage and enjoy your VoIP.

Now, you'll want to at LEAST disable provisioning.

Friday, August 10, 2007

What to do if TeleBlend is giving you the runaround

If you're a paid subscriber to TeleBlend and you're experiencing outages, lack of voicemail, no incoming, no outgoing, etc, etc, etc, you need to do two things:
1. File a dispute with your bank or credit card company for the charges. If they ask why, say it's for failure to provide advertised services.
2. File a complaint with the FCC. Same thing, failure to provide advertised telecom services for which you've paid. If your number port is being held up or stolen by TB, and you can get documentation from your new provider, cite that as well.

I'd say call their CSR lines, but apparently, all circuits are busy :-/

TeleBlend - Final Verdict

All it takes is a quick (well, maybe not "quick", since there are TONS of posts) glance at the SunRocket forums on DSLReports to see that TeleBlend has bitten off more than they can chew. Some examples:

So, what's my verdict: STAY AWAY FROM TELEBLEND. IMHO, they won't be around for more than 6-12 months, if that. Go with another established provider. I've made the switch to ViaTalk (using the instructions I've posted here) and haven't looked back.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

One more AC-211-SR / AC-211-SR-N Password

Another one reported from the trenches of DSRL:


Thursday, August 02, 2007

How to set a new admin password for locked innomedia

Innomedia devices from Sunrocket come with SNMP enabled. The community strings is private.

You simply use any snmp tool to reset the admin password.
The admin password OID is

on a linux machine you can issue

snmpset -v 2c -c private SNMPv2-SMI::enterprises.3354. s newpassword

Then you can use telnet login with your new password.

once you login with telnet you can view your sip username and password

On a Windows machine, use a MIB browser to access the OID above w/ the proper SNMP version and community strings to set the password.

You can now take your device to another provider like ViaTalk or Vonage.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

New web admin password for Linksys SPA2102-r found!

Note: This password is only valid for gizmos that have an IVR password of 79309925

If your Linksys SPA2102-r has an IVR password of 79309925 your corresponding web admin password is: qwe%zxc5