Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Unlocking a Linksys SPA2102-R

On the Linksys, web admin access is disabled.

To enable it, pick up phone, dial * * * * then 723646# , when asked for
password, dial 78778839# , when asked for value dial 1# then dial 1 to
Then, go to » , enter user and password.

If gizmo behind router, you also need to enable access from WAN side
with option 7932# . Of course, substitute gizmo WAN address in above
URL. To hear it, use option 110#

Do NOT do a factory reset.


Ali said...

Well I did factory reset and now I can't get IN. It says invalid password.

I also tried that:

0 r L h n T 3 4 v B g 2 S q w b S o D y G s l v F

0 7 5 4 6 8 3 4 8 2 4 2 7 7 9 2 7 6 3 9 4 7 5 8 3

No luck. Anybody have password after factory reset.

Dharmesh said...

Thanks. I turned OFF provisioning thanks to your instructions.

John said...

Me too. Damn. HELP!

Avi Alpert said...

How do you do a factory reset via phone?

webadmin said...

I found this on http://www.deadrocket.com. Thank for your information. As a soon to be former SunRocket customer, it really helps. Thanks again.

Ali said...

Factory rest:

**** Then 73738#

Then 1 and you are factory reset. Looks like nobody have the password yet if you do that.

Loren said...

Once I'm in to the admin with the passwords given, is there anything to do besides setting VOICE > PROVISIONING > PROVISION ENABLE to "off"?

Sankar said...

I tried to follow these steps for SPA2102-R linksys adapter. But even after enabling the web admin access, I am not able to access the webpage . What could be the issue?
Thanks for your help.

Mehul said...

I can't even try to enable the web interface through my phone. I'm not having luck w/ the password. Any body knows what it is????

John Lennon said...

If anybody knows how to find the login and password for the linksys after doing a factory reset (I did it last night as I didn't have any of the passwords listed here yet) and can't get in with the instructions here, please post as I can see there are at least 3 of us in this situation - Thank you.

John Lennon said...

After poking around and trying all the different things posted here, my briked linksys (I did a factory reset yesterday) connected to SR and updated itself. After this I was able to get in with the 7u... password, disable provisioning and firmware update and bingo! I have dial tone again and will be able to use it to go to viavoice. Thank you all for sharing.

Mehul said...

I'm using the 7u password 78778839# but its not working for me.

I press ****
Enter 7932#
Enter the password 78778839#
I get "invalid password"

What am I doing wrong

Red said...

try this
tell me if am wrong

Ajay said...

Please Help.

I received my new SPA2102-R last week and for the first time when I tried to connect to internet it would not register. (red light blinking). I tried to enable the admin web pages mentioned here, but IVR would not ask for any password but accepted the value. This didnot enable the admin pages. Does any one know how to unlock SPA2102-R received right from sunrocket.

neal said...

Once I am in the SP2102-R what exactly needs to be done besides turning off the provisioning to "unlock" the device?

Can someone provide a step by step or set of instructions?

dmolavi said...

neal - nothing, just disabling provisioning. once that's done, you can set it up for your new provider.

neal said...

dmolavi thank you so much. I have been going insane trying to figure out what else needs to be done to "unlock"

Time to call Viatalk!

dmolavi said...

click one of the banners for them here instead ;) (shameless self promotion)

neal said...

dmolavi, two more questions. Do i need to do any firmware update or anything?

Will viatalk send me information on how to configure my SPA2102 to work with their service?

thanks, and you rock!

dmolavi said...

you should be OK w/ the firmware you've got. If you sign up for the BYOD plan @ ViaTalk, they will send you the credentials you'll need to input into your ATA. I'm waiting on screenshots from a colleague of the config screens so I can post a how-to for the linksys units as well.

Tyler said...

Thanks for all the helpful info. I was able to unlock my SPA2102-R. Anyone performed a firmware upgrade to 5.1.9 on the Linksys Website?

Mehul said...

How do you turn OFF provisioning?

dmolavi said...


Mehul said...

Thanks! I'm assuming I do this through the web interface. Should I reset my adapter to factory settings or anything before I do this>

dmolavi said...

mehul- web, yes; factory, no

heymancondo said...

I also did a factory reset now Im unable to access the config page because in the telephone it says invalid pasword and when I try to go to the it sais forbidden, Can anyone plz help me with this situation

Tyler said...

Still not able to find an answer to a firmware flash anywhere on dslreports or on this thread.

Apparently based on reports if you factory reset the SPA2102-R it may fall back to a previously unknown password. Are we able to flash these devices to the current Linksys Firmware 5.1.9. and not risk losing our admin password?

John said...

I too get "invalid password" when trying to activate web-admin.


Civil 96 said...

what kind of a stupid thread is this? the message reads "enter user and password." -- damn it! Whats the user and the password?

Anonymous said...

Anyone switched over to Vonage and has info how to setup the Linksys box to work on Vonage network? When I called Vonage CS person told me that I have to wait for their box and that I cannot use the old SR phone adapter. I still have some phone service but I guess it might die soon and Vonage still didn't ship their box. I have it unlocked (access to admin screens). Thanks.

Sean said...

Same as the others.. after doing a IVR Factory reset, can no longer activate the admin page featuring the provisioning information via the IVR.

"723646# , when asked for password, dial 78778839" is no longer valid.

Looks like Factory reset doesn't truely reset everything.

Greg said...

I get access forbidden as well, I have NOT done a factory reset.

Any ideas?

Robert said...

User: admin

This worked for me. I turned off the provisioning. What is the benefit of this?

dmolavi said...

disabling provisioning prevents SR from pushing new config data to you, and allows you to take it to another provider, such as ViaTalk

Xue said... did not work for me either. Also tried, which is LinkSys's ip, no luck. Please help.

John said...

Still no fix for the IVR password invalid error? Without that, you can't enable the web access to get the dang thing unlocked...*sigh*

A said...

This did not work for me -

dial * * * * then 723646# , when asked for
password, dial 78778839#

I get Invalid password message.

I have never 'factory reset' my gizmo, and have had it since march.

Any suggestions?

andy said...

some ppl from dslreports.com said that after they did a factory reset and left the unit plugged in, their device pulled a config file from a Sunrocket servers and they're now able to use the numeric pw provided by this site. I'm letting it sit plugged in for now until it pulls one up.

Veeresh said...

Less confusing steps to unblock Linksys SPA2102-R gizmo:

To enable admin access:
1. Dial * * * *
2. Enter 723646# when asked for option
3. Enter 78778839# when asked for password
4. Enter 1# when asked for value
5. Enter 1 to save the config

To know the exact URL link of your gizmo:
1. Dial * * * *
2. Enter 110# when asked for option
3. Note down the URL link
(NOTE: In general it starts with 192.168 but next two figures can be different for lot gizmos)

Now access that link: http://192.168.XXX.XXX/admin/voice/advanced

If you can not access, means you might want to enable access from WAN side too:
1. Dial * * * *
2. Enter 7932# when asked for option
3. Enter 78778839# when asked for password
4. Enter 1# when asked for value
5. Enter 1 to save the config

Now again access the link http://192.168.XXX.XXX/admin/voice/advanced

When asked for login/password try this:
User: admin


I am not sure if it is appropriate, it appears like you can enable the 2nd line too :)

John said...

SR phone is back up, it's pulled a new config. But the IVR password still does not work. Bleh.

Adam said...

To all experts out there:

Someone needs to come up with a detailed, systematic and well explained solution for accessing the SPA2102 AFTER a factory reset.

I was a very early Beta user with SR and they sent me along the few years of their existence several SPA's. But their techs always told me to do factory resets - so now I access the setup screen at but all I get is the "Voice" "LAN setup" and "application" tabs - no way to go to the Provisioning page...

I think a lot of folks are going to need a way to get to the Provisioning page AFTER a factory reset.

Jeff said...

Hi, In my quest to unlock my Linksys SPA2102-R I did a factory reset (Note: DO NOT DO THIS) - before I did the reset I was able to enable the ADMIN page using "dial * * * * then 723646# , when asked forpassword, dial 78778839#" after the facctory reset the 78778839 password is no longer valid. Note I get a dial tone so the 2102 was configured by the SR server (one post thought this would reset the password). ANyone know the factory default password? For those of you trying to unlock the 2102 check out http://direct.nuvio.com/sunrocket/provision_spa2102-r.html they give step by step instructions - wich I found that first.

Luke said...

It worked with my SPA2102-R. I got in with the login username: Admin PW: 7UprUtew

I disabeled provisioning and firmware upgrade, changed the password to simply "7up" and logged back in.

Without thinking I did a reset -> **** 73738 which seems to have disabled web admin again. If I try to re-enable it with **** 723646# pw 78778839# the password is now invalid.. I tried the new pw 7up by entering 787 but it doesn't work either.

Chris said...

Yes, please. Is there another dial password to try instead of 78778839#? It is not working for a lot of us.....

andy said...

Has anyone tried the steps from deadrocket.com?

1. Disconnect to WAN ( no internet).
2. Connect the gizmo via LAN to computer and login to it using user id
Try User:Admin Password:7UprUtew otherwise try id=user, pass=welcome
3. cut and past the following link and press enter to Restore factory default
4. power cycle the gizmo and login to admin link with factory default password.
id=admin, pass=slapshot (for V3.0.77, V3.0.75)
5. Disable Provisioning Menu--IP Network ---Provisioning Setting

Chris said...

Yes, tried deadrocket. For a lot of us it does not work because 78778839# does not work to enable web admin

Opportunity said...

Andy... the 192.168.251...is used by the other gizmos...Linksys SPA's use the or gateways. Both Linksys and Sipura know exactly how to unlock the SR 2102's after they have been factory reset but why should they tell us when they want us to go out and buy new unlocked 2102's for 60 bucks a piece. Not only did we have to endure SR's rude exit...the big guys want us to shell out more money to get replacement service. Call or email Linksys and ask for the unlock method - the more folks do it the greater the chance they will reveal their "secrets".

Ajay said...
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Ajay said...

This is what I get:

Tried to enable admin access:

Step 1. Dialed * * * *
Step 2. Entered 723646# when asked for option
Step 4. Entered 1# when asked for value
Step 5. Entered 1 to save the config

Waited for couple of minutes. Then
tried to access the admin pages and got access forbidden message.

I could access the user web pages by typing and interestingly under info tab value for Customization is shown as Pending

Any idea how to unlock?

andy said...

actually, I think the pw after the factory reset lies with our good ol' friend Sunrocket as this device was originally provisioned for them from Linksys. Of course, Sunrocket is now no longer with us so any hope of getting the pw is now pretty futile. According to Linksys' website, there is no default pw associated with a SPA2102, but this of course is with the ones not provisioned to Sunrocket with the model # SPA2102-NA. Unless someone from Teleblend (aka Taliban - sorry I thought that was a funny reference) that was possibly connected with Sunrocket knows, we have little hope of getting our bricked units unlocked to admin privileges. Linksys afaik can't help us now.

Anonymous said...

I, too, would like the post-factory reset password. Any ideas? Help!

Ramesh said...

previously i was successfuly logged into GIZMO before 3 months. Now when i go to admin page it says as "Forbidden". I tried to enable admin access with password 79309925# but it says as Invalid Password...

Doc said...

If people still need step by step guide to unlock and use gizmo with anothers service. Please visit http://itrealm.blogspot.com

Meenakshi said...


I tried unlocking my linksys gizmo. This is the first time I am doing this. After pressing ****, it asked for action number. I pressed "723646# , when asked for password, I dialed 78778839". The automated message keeps saying that it is invalid password. I have never done any factory reset because, first of all, i do not know how to do that too. Can anyone tell me what I am supposed to do.


zany said...

same boat as ajay - the device is not asking for a password at all.. and giving a http 403 error (forbidden).

any clues?

Opportunity said...

Linksys and Sipura know exactly how to unlock Factory Reset 2102's - they just don't want to divulge that info because they want you to buy new units... Call or write Linksys and Sipura...the more folks do that the greater the chance these company's will reveal the "secret".

Julian said...

The normal IVR (Interactive Voice Response) password of 78778839 did NOT work for me, but 79309925 (which I found elsewhere) DID work, so I could enable the admin page. I suggest that for anyone that tried the 78778839 and got the voice stating "Invalid password" to try 79309925. However I am still stuck because I cannot login to the admin page (user: admin, pass:7UprUtew does not work).

bob said...

That password is not working for me either.password 79309925 "invalid."

Charlie said...

That password is not working for me either.

password 79309925 "invalid."

AJ said...

According to people at dslr and numerous other places as of the 24th of July 2007, Sunrocket or Teleblend changed the password. The steps mentioned here will no longer work unless someone figures out the new password. Basically they are bricks until then.

J said...
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J said...

Linksys SPA2102 support chat...
You have selected a product that is not supported via Linksys Chat.

Please contact your Reseller or HSP or call (800)326-7114 for further assistance.

J said...


undefined has posted a comment on one of my earlier posts, releasing a new password for the admin pages of the SPA-2102 Gizmo from SunRocket. The new password corresponds to the following password used to unlock the admin pages: 79309925 The admin password is qwe%zxc5. However, this does not work for my device!

Rage said...

Here's how it's done:

2102 Unlock guide!

Peter said...

Hi, I was able to log in as admin to my sunrocket adapter.
1) had to log in as a user using the password 7UprUtew then I was able to view a limited amt of info on the device then I clicked on admin login and typed admin with password qwe%zxc5 and this worked. I even logged out and went back in.
My adapter is connected to my router and the rj45 cable is in the internet port of the adapter.

Archer said...

An active FORUM discussing VOIP and how to "Unlocking a Linksys SPA2102-R"

How To Unlock VoIP.com

Ayoob said...

Thanks to the info on this blog I was able to use my sunrocket gizmo with another serviice provider. Thanks to everyone who provided the helpful info.

borg said...

For VoIP providers like RNK and others.....

1. Connect SPA to your computer directly with regular Ethernet cable(not crossover).
2. Go to your "Network Connections" and see which Gateway it assigned to it. If it's do a "factory reset" (press:**** Then 73738# Then 1. Done)
3. Now you can go to:
You should see admin page now.