Monday, July 16, 2007

Crap, the Yellow Bird Bit the Dust

Use the programs here to crack your passwords, or try these:

User: admin
Password: 7UprUtew

Once you unlock your Gizmo, you can take it to ViaTalk and use the BYOD plan to avoid the activation fees.


t said...

After login successfully, should we chnage the admin password?

dmolavi said...

just disable auto-configuration.

t said...

where can I find the auto-configuration? I am having a innomedia. I do not see the auto-configuration. Please help.

t said...

I have the following menu

Management Administrator
End User
Firmware Upload
Restore Default
Adjust Date/Time

IP Network

Hope this will help you figure out easier where the auto-configuration is.

t said...

Can it be this one?

Enable Provisioning : Check the box if you would like to enable provisioning function.

Server Name : Enter the provisioning server name.

Port number : Enter the port number.

dmolavi said...

yes, that's it. disable provisioning.

t said...

thank you very much. I am going with viatalk. Such a bad experience.....

Suresh said...

How do I unlock the Innomedia gizmo.I tried but it's not working. Please post the link. Thank you * a Sun Rocket refugee

Radek said...

Worked for me THANKS!

Paul said...

for the innomedia, if you just go to you have to use the username of user and the password of welcome.
The admin interface is here:
If you want, you can also telnet to the device on port 21 and THAT user is the admin/7UprUtew account. Funny password. "7-UP, are you to?"

Jay said...

Would I be able to continue talking on sunrocket if I disable provisioning? Please help