Monday, July 23, 2007

WORKING Net2Phone firmware for Innomedia..rebrands to OEM

This was provided to a member by net2phone techs. It's a working version (as opposed to the non-working firmware they currently have posted). I would skip the step in the how-to documentation about "Reset to Defaults" to see what happens, as if you do reset to defaults after Net2phone firmware, it will configure it for Net2phone. But, you can always change it.

Actual file here: »

Actual thread here with screenshot of the firmware after flashing:


I'm assuming this will show up soon on the Net2phone Sunrocket page, but for now, there ya go.


Dan Gross said...

DO NOT DO THIS. (EDIT THIS POST!) It locks you to Net2Phone - you CAN NOT change the SIP settings any more, and you can not reload the old SR software, it will produce an error with every version. They have effectively hijacked my Gizmo. :(

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