Thursday, July 19, 2007

Using your Gizmo with other providers

My only experience here has been moving the Innomedia and AC-211 Gizmo's (Linksys is forthcoming) over to ViaTalk. However, I believe that the process should be similar, if not the same for other providers. They will provide you with a phone number, username, password, SIP server/port, and possibly CODEC information. Follow the instructions here and you should be able to use your Gizmo with just about any provider you want.


Tom said...

I just got the Sunrocket gizmo (Innomedia 6328) working for SIP access from Vitelity Communications.

Vitelity is a VOIP wholesaler that offers very good pricing on consumer VOIP (1.49 a month/1.1 cents to 1.39 cents a minute for calls -- which works out to $10 a month for us. )

Very geeky web site probably a lot of people away, but I got a friendly person on the phone, more than I can say for some other VOIP companies I've called this week.

Vitelity does not sell their own gizmo but you can hook up standard SIP devices and there is a lot of configuration info on their web site.

Vitelity is similar to Skype in its pay as you go approach -- but offers one big thing Skype doesn't -- you can port a local number over to them. The Vitelity rep I talked to was honest enough to say, however, that there is uncertainty about the Sunrocket numbers and they can't guarantee they'll be able to get them over, but normal number transfer takes 7 to 10 bsns days.

Anyway, I will try to post some how-to info soon.

Tom B.

मिहिर said...

For Innomedia users, I posted a step-by-step process to activate 2-line calling here :

Do Not said...

I only have one thing to say about Viatalk. I took advantage of the contract buy out offer but apparantly didn't have sufficient proof about my sunrocket status. there is this one guy "Eric" who seems to answer all the billing calls at Viatalk. This is the second time in a year I have had to call and he has a real chip on his shoulder. This guy makes viatalk look bad. He will argue with you and do anything to convince you that customer service with viatalk is horrible. I'd can this guy. no way i'm going back there ever.

Art said...

I have successfully converted my AC-211 SunCrocket Gizmo to ViaTalk.

G711-U works for the "ulaw" specified in the BYOD email.

SIP Server Settings > Primary Server. IP ADDRESS: the VIATalk Server name is substituted for the server address

Domain Name* setting I substituted the for the old

Gateway Settings:
Dial Plan (I left it the same)
Transport (left the same)

User/phone number = use new assigned number with leading 1.
CallerID Name = put what you like
Port* (left as is "5060")
Authentication User Name:
Use the newly assigned ViaTalk number
Password: = Newly assigned password from the email. (This also wipes out the sunrocket password from your old service so there is no way to go back even temporarily)

Save SIP Settings

In the CODECS section
leave everything as it is.

Under Force Preferred CODEC

Line1: I selected G711U

Save CODEC Configuation

SAHER said...

I switched to Teleblend yesterday and now my default admin password does not work. Is that something they changed it after my service was take by Teleblend guys ?

Please help !


Jared said...

Can you tell us how you got the sip working in the innomedia 6328? I have tried for a while and I am just getting more and more lost and confused as to how to get this service working.

chippena said...

Art, I followed your direction for switching my AC-211-SR from sunrocket to viatalk. But I am not able to receive incoming or make outgoing calls. Although I do get email and text message on my cell phone notices for incoming calls. The only potential problem I see is when I enter my new vt email 8 character password at the SIP page and save SIP settings, the password box shows only six characters.

Also, when I open the Voip Gateway, I never did find a password that worked. But when I double clicked on the authenticate button below the empty password box, the voip gateway page opens with the side menu displaying: Home, Wan, Lan, Security, Sip, Codecs, Miscellaneous, services, Vlan, Download, Reset, Log out. I hope from this info that you can tell me just what I am missing.

Also, do I need to go into my sunrocket account and turn off call forwarding?