Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Upgrading Linksys Firmware

From DSLR:

On the Linksys, web admin access is disabled. To enable it, pick up phone, dial **** then 723646# , when asked for password, dial 78778839# , when asked for value dial 1# then dial 1 to save.
Then, go to » , enter user and password.

If gizmo behind router, you also need to enable access from WAN side with option 7932# . Of course, substitute gizmo WAN address in above URL(Important part... I had to use the IP my router assigned my ATA to access it). To hear it, use option 110#, when asked for value dial 1# then dial 1 to save

just turn off provisioning (or set up to provision from new provider) and be careful not to do a factory reset since thus far nobody knows the default SunRocket password.

I then changed the password on the advanced system page.

I also removed the Configuration Profile/Profile Rule: string from the provisioning page along with the Firmware Upgrade/Upgrade Rule: string (so no provisioning would happen and allows me to leave firmware upgrade/provisioning enabled).

Next I went to the linksys support page and downloaded the firmware update.

I followed this by extracting the update and running it.

Finally I entered the IP my router assigned the SPA with my admin password I created, and started the flash it took ~90sec and the ATA rebooted.

I then logged back into the ATA with the IP from last part and looked over the settings.


Ajay said...

This is what I get:

Tried to enable admin access:

Step 1. Dialed * * * *
Step 2. Entered 723646# when asked for option
Step 4. Entered 1# when asked for value
Step 5. Entered 1 to save the config

Waited for couple of minutes and reboot. Then tried to access the admin pages and got access forbidden message.

I could access the user web pages by typing and interestingly under info tab value for Customization is shown as Pending

Anybody knows what's happening on this ATA and how to unlock it?

asdf098 said...

This method does not work as of 7/24/2007 if you let Teleblend provision your Linksys ATA

Chris said...

Agreed, they have changed the password. I didn't turn off provisioning the last time, does anyone know what the new PW is?

Paul said...

I spent almost 2 hours on hold with Teleblend. They are claiming that they are not doing anything with SR equipment (HaHa) unless you signed with them. They claim that they have not changed any passwords on non-Teleblend customers.

Logically then...

All the users complaining that they can't access their Gizmos must be imagining it. :o

jnpope said...

I have an SPA2102-R
I opened WEB access as per instructions, but the IP address is NOT xxx.0.1, but rather xxx.1.1

When I tried to login, the password is wrong. Anyone know if the -R Gizmos have a different username or password?


Paul said...
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John Lennon said...

Thank you I was able to flash it too. This is some extra steps I took:
- after unplugging my router from the internet, I enabled firmware update;
- this didn't work so I started poking around and found I had to remove the Restricted Access Domains list that SR filled in.
After this I upgraded to 5.1.9 like a charm and it kept my config too.

I then disabled auto provisioning and set my IP only in the Restricted Access Domains