Thursday, July 19, 2007

ATS E6501S (sold at Staples) Instructions

Here are the passwords:

Login: user/welcome - Regular user login that changes router settings
Login: tech/kaboom - Administrative that also adds voice changes

ATS Configuration Location: Voice > Basic

DID: (New phone number)
Display Name: (Your choice - not needed)
SIP Name: (New phone number)
SIP Password: (New password)
Proxy Server Address: (New SIP address)
Proxy Server: 5060 (default)
Registrar Server Address:
(New SIP address)
Registrar Server Port: 5060 (default)
Registrar Address of Record: (blank - default)
Registration Retry Interval(s): 60 (default)
Outbound Proxy Address: (Provided by your new provider, might just be the SIP address)
Outbound Proxy Port: 0 (zero - default)
Dial Plan: (Probably safe to leave as-is)
Digit Timer: 5000 (default)


SV Anand said...

Have you tried these passwords? I have one of these devices, the user/welcome works fine but the tech/kaboom never works.
Does anyone else have any experience unlocking this device? it has never been provisioned by sunrocket although may have connected to the internet once


hardly said...

These passwords are for ATS6011 phone.
Do not work on 6501.