Thursday, August 02, 2007

How to set a new admin password for locked innomedia

Innomedia devices from Sunrocket come with SNMP enabled. The community strings is private.

You simply use any snmp tool to reset the admin password.
The admin password OID is

on a linux machine you can issue

snmpset -v 2c -c private SNMPv2-SMI::enterprises.3354. s newpassword

Then you can use telnet login with your new password.

once you login with telnet you can view your sip username and password

On a Windows machine, use a MIB browser to access the OID above w/ the proper SNMP version and community strings to set the password.

You can now take your device to another provider like ViaTalk or Vonage.


Anonymous said...

After trying a couple MIB browsers in Windows, namely (,
I need some help with connecting to the agent. In both cases, I cannot set or get the OID due to failure to connect to SNMP agent.

Any words of wisdom?

jack said...

1 - You need to do this using the LAN side.
2 - Make sure the community is correct "private"

If it still fails, try to reset the unit and make sure it has no access to the internet and try again. I know I was able to do this with mine after a reset and while it was connected to sunrocket.

Craig Thomas said...

I am getting this error:

s: Bad object type: n

jack said...

Whatever tool you using. Make sure the object type is string

Anonymous said...

I have loaded the following MIB:
SNMPv2-SMI; address is definitely set to the gizmo, OID=SNMPv2-SMI::enterprises.3354.
Operations set, get, get next all come up with Failed to connect to SNMP agent.
I don't see where the community is set to private using iReasonings MIB browser. Also, the port is set to 161.
Perhaps I should be using a different MIB browser?

Anonymous said...

I have also found an on-line ( Browser, pointed it to my local Innomedia address, and it came up with: Invalid Object Identifier was specified
Loading MIB:SNMPv2-SMI
Meaning it didn't like the OID.
In this one, I set the community to private.

I have tried resetting and trying it only lan side btw as well. Same errors as in previous post.

jack said...

ok to help some of you who has only windows. I downloaded Getif from

1 - After you start the tool enter the IP address of you device in Host Name field
2 - Change the Read community to private (default is public)
3 - Click on start
4 - click on MBrowser tab
5 - St the bottom of the window you will see 3 fields that you can enter values in. The first field is the OID enter .
The second field is the type. Change it to string
the 3rd field is the value. Enter any value you want (That's the new password).
6 - Click on the set button

That should do it

Craig Thomas said...

Thanks, Jack. I don't know what my problem was through linux. I typed the command exactly as you had it. Oh well.

I went ahead and ran the Windows one, and it worked perfectly. Great work.

Anonymous said...

Using your latest comment Jack, I was able to "walk" the gizmo, but I cannot set the value. I am plugged into the LAN port with the WAN disconnected; it fails to even connect (No SNMP Response from However, if I connect my cable modem to the WAN port, I can walk it and see the values it generates, however, when I try to set the value, it gives me the same response: No SNMP Response from I can login with the default user/welcome but not with admin/passwordthatIset. Could it be possible that SNMP is disabled, but then how am I able to walk the device and see the **** (password) for the OID .

jack said...


If you can read but not write this means the write community string is not correct. Are you running sunrocket firmware or did you upgrade to net2phone ? Did you signup with another provider and you allowed them to configure your device. Did you try to change the password after a hard reset ?

Anonymous said...

No I haven't switched to any other provider and it is running original sunrocket firmware.
Directly from the gizmo:
The Image Version is V3.0.77 ; Controller Code Version: 3.0.77 6328-2Re Fri Aug 25 16:01:52 2006 ; DSP Code Version: 2.4.26 07/31 12:21 2006 ; BBS Version: 7.3.9
which was found using OID .
Using Getif, the write and read community SNMP parameters are both private.

When I go to MBrowser tab, and walk it, I can see . set as admin and . set as ******

If I press set with a password I enter, it comes back with "No SNMP Response from"
I reset the unit with a pin (in the back) and also unplugging it and then trying several times.

Same thing each time. I've been trying for the past two hours to figure out what it could be.
I have the MTA6328-2Re.
Thanks for the help.

Anonymous said...

To all others having difficulty:
Password was set:

1. Firewall was blocking port 161. Be sure to enable that port.
2. Be sure WAN is connected to internet connection, LAN directly to the machine you are trying to SNMP from.
3. Browse to
and use admin and the password you just set.

Good luck!

Ismat said...


I was having the same problem as yours. After I connected the WAN cable I get a response from SNMP. But when I go to set password it seems to not change. Is it supposed to say Password set? I added an exception to firwall for port 161? is there anything else to do. I appreciate your help. thanks

jack said...

This is what mine say
The Image Version is V3.0.77 ; Controller Code Version: 3.0.77 6328-2Re Fri Aug 25 16:01:52 2006 ; DSP Code Version: 2.4.26 07/31 12:21 2006 ; BBS Version: 7.3.9

The way SNMP works if the device does not like the command you send it, it simply drops the request and you get no response. It looks like that's what is going on here.

ace195 said...

Is there anything that can be done once they tell the gizmo to ignore requests to change password ?

Maria said...
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Maria said...
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Maria said...

If you get "s: Bad object type: n" as mentioned by "craig thomas", it means you should use this syntax instead:

snmpset -v 2c -c private SNMPv2-SMI::enterprises.3354. s the-password-you-want

Note the added Works like a champ from Mac OS X 10.4

MrE2u2 said...

Wow, you guys are great! I managed to get into the control panel of nthe dam thing! How do you set it up to use it on other services once its unlocked? :-D

dmolavi said...

mre2u2 -
this is for viatalk, but the general concept should be the same for any provider:

d said...

I am having trouble figureing out what my Innomedia 6328 device number is and when i type in browser i get "page cannot be displayed". I have tried reseting, unplugging, turn off all AV and Firewall, LAN only and WAN and LAN with internet.

Been trying to get it working for days now... :(

d said...

I found Gizmo number and typed http://192.168.XXX/Voice_adminPage.htm

and now get the login! :) (only took 2 days...)

Unfortunately tho it regects my login :(

Any other logins others have found to work?


Marcus said...

I finally got my SR number ported to Viatalk, but somehow I got locked out again and could not get back in simply by resetting the Gizmo. I used the snmp string provided by Maria. It does work like a champ in OSX.

Rohit said...

I was able to change the password using Getif and found that there is a small delay in getting the password registered. You should also close the browser.

I have update the SIP proxy stuff but this is still not working. A key issue I am having is that the LAN port doesn't seem to be working (no IP address or even recognition from the PC that it is connected to a device) and the reset button is not working either. I suspect that my Gizmo (MTA 6328-2re) is 'somewhat' bricked. Any ideas? Will reflashing the firmware fix it? What do I need to retain from the current setting to put in after reflashing?

Kevin said...

Thanks for the help. By the way, I was able to use the ireasoning MIB browser successfully. Users must set the Read Community and Write Community to "private" and set the SNMP version to "2". These settings can be found by clicking on the Advanced... button.