Tuesday, July 17, 2007

ViaTalk SUCCESS!! (AC-211)

I got my new (temporary) ViaTalk number, unlocked my AC-211, and put in their info. I've got my SR number forwarding to my ViaTalk number, so I don't have to give out the temp number for the duration of the porting period. For those of you who are using the AC-211, here are the settings you need:

  1. Under the "SIP" menu, use whatever server they give you as the primary server, port 5060.
  2. For the Line 1 entry on the SIP screen:
    1. The User/Phone number AND Authentication Name are the phone ViaTalk gives you.
    2. The password is the one ViaTalk gives you.
    3. Next, click the "Line 1" tab.
    4. Change "Send out of band telephone events" to RFC 2833. Payload value is 101. Do this for the Line 2 tab as well.
  3. Next, click the CODECS menu.
    1. For both lines, use G711U.
Oh, and disable autoconfiguration

Note that when the port of your SR number to ViaTalk is complete, you'll need to use your SR number in place of your ViaTalk number in these configs.


Svetlana said...

do you have any advice for those of us SR clients that are switching to Lingo? My SR was still working this morning, but not any more. I have just signed up with Lingo, but it is 3-5 work days until their new equipment arrives... This the only phone service i had, and need to operate the new one ASAP

Svetlana said...

I have unlocked the gizmo, though, with the help of this forum

Stephan said...

So I can not even get to the welcome page I tried and while directly connected to the WAN or LAN port.

Steve said...

How to configure for the 2nd free line?

Daniel said...

For AC-211's SIP configuration, there's a IP address (which I guess is the server ViaTalk sent me), and then there's the domain name. What did you put for domain name? I am trying to get mine to work with ViaTalk and am having no success.



dmolavi said...

russell - i moderated your comment. please post your chat session here as a comment so users don't have to go bouncing around from one site to the next. or, with your approval, i'll create a new post with a transcript of it.

jwoodbury said...
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nospams said...

What was the gist of his comment? I signed up with viatalk a couple days ago (online) and have not received any communication from them whatsoever other than the automated response sent immidiately after I gave them my credit card info.

No idea when they are going to send me the info (number/password/configuration details). At least they haven't charged my card yet.

I'm thinking about pulling the plug on viatalk and going with teleblend, at least until the dust settles. I saw your warning about telebrend, but I think its unwarranted.

From fatwallet discussion:
"TeleBlend update: Okay, I just got off of the phone with an apparently knowledgable CSR at "TeleBlend" in an Arizona call center. They were all just informed that they would begin taking calls for TeleBlend this morning (5:00am PST). Basically, United Communications Corp has taken over the SR infrastructure (as they have done previously with other small telecos) and are attempting to staff CSRs (already preset in the call center) and also get some IT folks to staff the infrastructure. They were all presented with a 2 page FAQ to take calls today. At least I am now comfortable that this is not a scam, but rather an attempt by United Communications to absorb another small Teleco and make some $$ using their existing call center in Arizona. The TeleBlend website was just created since this is really a new business unit of United Communications Corp. I thought that I would post this info for those interested ... and since I waited on the phone for 10 minutes this morning to speak to someone at TeleBlend. I fortunately still have some marginal SR phone service working in Cleveland, OH. The CSR could not tell me exactly when the IT staff (tech support) would be fully in place. "

"When you enter your SR number at Teleblend, it pulls out all your info SR had on file. No need to update gizmo. I bet Teleblend is gonna be new reborn SR."

No fees whatsoever, and you don't even have to update your gizmo, they promise a quick port, no upfront prepaid charge and no fee for cancellation...

Eric said...

Signed up with TeleBlend... They don't know what their long term pricing is going to be yet but I went from 'some' incoming calls, no out going calls, and no voice mail to only lacking voice mail in a matter of minutes. Definitely better than waiting 5 days for another gateway to arrive then another 7 days for a number port. Also less painful than reconfiguring the gizmo to talk to someone else's service!

steve said...

Where is the SIP menu? As far as I've logged into mine (the password is welcome) and I also found a site that will log me in as a "super user" (http://sunrocket.zefie.com/sr.cgi), but there is no SIP menu in either. Could it be that it's been removed from whatever SR firmware that's on it?

Steve said...

A couple additions...

If you have your router behind your firewall use the IP address your firewall assigned. Look at hte DCHP table in your router for the address and match up the MAC address on the bottom of your AD-211

When you follow the links at http://sunrocket.zefie.com/sr.cgi run the crack utility it may take hours. When it returns success put that number into the CRC generator (took about 15 minutes from there for me copy the password CTRL-C.

put the IP addres from above into your web browser and paste the password in. Walla.

Change your password and You are on your way. SG

me_mysterious said...


the domain you'll have to use is "vtnoc.net" without the quotes.

Reva said...

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Phx_sunnz said...

I need it urgently.

Phx_sunnz said...

I need help in UNLOCKING a AC-211 adpater.
Guide me Please.