Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Innomedia Gizmo bricked? Try this!

First a disclaimer - I have NOT tried this, but found this info on sunrocketforum.com - I turned off provisioning last night when the u7... password was working. Try this and see if it works. Please remember - DO NOT STAY CONNECTED ON THE NET when you do this until you have turned off provisioning on your innomedia.

Sorry, I do not have matching information for the Linksys and SPA adapters... if someone does, please post it in this thread.

Here are some instructions for setting up an InnoMedia gizmo manually, from scratch, in this case using a server on an alternate port.

1. Unplug cable from gizmo WAN port (so you are disconnected from Internet).

2. With PC connected to gizmo LAN port, go to » , log in with user and welcome.

3. Open this URL: » ; after about 15 seconds you should see a message about reset to defaults. Wait another 30 seconds.

4. Close browser window. At this point your gizmo should be in the same state as when SR first shipped it to you.

5. Open a new browser window, go to » (do not open gizmo home page first).

6. When prompted for password, use user: admin and password: slapshot

7. Go to IP Network->Provisioning Setting. Uncheck Enable Provisioning. Click Save & Reboot. Click OK to warning.

8. When prompted, log in again with admin and slapshot . If you have trouble, close window, open another, go to »

9. Gp to IP Network->Interface Setting. Re-enter your static IP or PPPoE information, if needed. Click Save & Reboot. Click ok to warning.

10. Reconnect gizmo WAN cable. WAN light should come on, and your Internet connection should be working again. Of course, VoIP will still be out.

11. Log into gizmo again as admin. Go to VoIP->SIP Proxy. SIP Proxy will show as ; change to

12. In Preferred CODECs List, change 2nd entry from G729A/8000 to NONE. Click Save; Click OK to warning.

13. Go to VoIP->User Account. Enter your data for User ID, User Password, Confirm Password, User Name, Authentication ID.
Note: User ID and User Name are your 10-digit SR Phone number. Authentication ID is 15 digits. Password is 24 characters. The quotes are not part of the password, but the two equal signs at the end are. You should paste this data into both the User Password and the Confirm Password fields, as entering it manually is very error prone.

14. Set Enable T38 FAX to No. Click Save. Click OK to warning.

15. Go to Management->Reboot. Click OK to warning.

16. With luck, you should get a VoIP light within one minute.

Notes to other users who may try this:
If your SIP password contains one or more + characters, there is a bug that prevents you from entering it via the Inno web interface; use telnet instead (Cu command).
If you are in the US, note that this setup will not receive updates from SR; your service may stop working if a critical update is pushed, until you make it manually. Be sure that you have a reliable alternate means of making an emergency call.

(Thanks to http://www.dslreports.com/forum/r18689803-Innomedia-Gizmo-bricked-Try-this)


Elie said...

I believe I was just bricked. I was able to make calls about 2 hours ago. I then unplugged from the net. I went to log in as the admin, so I plugged the thing back in to the net and then got side tracked. When I came back just now, the admin passwords do not work.

soundcreations said...

This seems to be working so far.
Step 13 is still not clear.
"Authentication ID is 15 digits. Password is 24 characters."
Where are these located?

I do have a VOIP light on the Gizmo but when I try dialing out I get only a busy signal.

Closer though.

daveydave said...

Confirmed! Reset my gizmo to use the slapshow password. I guess any new VOIP provider with a BYOD policy will supply me with all the details needed to complete the config screens?? Thank you for providing this resource, by the way.

Elie said...

Yes, what to do about step 13...the rest worked.

soundcreations said...

the correct password is "slapshot' as in hockey ;<)

Steven said...

What is the password for step 11? I tried admin/slapshot and the login screen just comes back. Help!

Armando said...

Step 13:
You get this info from your new VoIp provider. So, If it works now.. don't do anything.

Romy said...

you guys are just awesome! I was able to follow these instructions step by step and switch successfully over to voicestick!

by the way, in my own little way of contributing to all those who have trouble logging in .. the UID / password is definitely admin/slapshot. Just make sure any time there is an authentication failure, you close the browser and re-login to this URL only:

Logging on to will only present you with authentication failures! if this happens, close the browser and login to the link above. Let me know if you still have trouble.

newsgroup said...

How can know my Authentication ID (15 digits) and Password (24 characters) in setting User Info. I went that far and found out I don't have idea about this. Help!!

Steven said...

Thanks, Romy. I've already switched to www.vonics.com but am waiting for my temp. number. Then hopefully I can be up and running by tweaking the settings on the gizmo.

Paul said...

if anyone cares - I was unable to use the main admin/7UprUtew to get to the web interface, but it does work on the telnet interface. The web interface required going to the Voice_adminPage.htm and then i could use admin/slapshot. Just going to the / of I had to use the user/welcome login and no admin account would work.

andy said...

For those having trouble unlocking your Linksys gizmo, here's the instructions I followed to get on. I'm sure once you get it unlocked, whoever you want to port your service to's tech support should be able to tell you what settings need to be put in there to switch the gizmo to talk to their network.

1st thing on agenda is to get the web page to come up. By default the page is disabled so you need to use the phone that's connected to it to enable it:

On the Linksys, web admin access is disabled. To enable it, pick up phone, dial **** then 723646# , when asked for password, dial 78778839# , when asked for value dial 1# then dial 1 to save.
To enable access from WAN side use option 7932# . To hear what IP address to use to logon to the gizmo, use option 110# .

Then go to a computer, open up whatever ip address it says and you should be looking at the gizmo webpage. Once you click "Admin login" up on the upper right corner, the username/pw dialog should come up. I used the following and it got me in without a problem. Hope that helps you guys get into the gizmo.

User: admin
Password: 7UprUtew

This may help some ppl... but I had my gizmo connected to the lan side of my router and it got a dhcp ip address from it so that I could access the gizmo's web page.

Techie said...

Help! I have innomedia. Initially admin password worked. After unchecking, saved. then I click "log out". that ruined me. I could not log back with the same admin password. Neither slapshot nor 7UprUtew worked. Please help!

Anonymous said...

I have a Linksys and got as far as the option to get the IP for the WAN side but it says that 110# is an illegal option. There may be different options for different models.

John Lennon said...

My gizmo was bricked and SR sent me a new Linksys 2 weeks ago, thanks to your posting I was able to bring it back to life - something that even SR L3 couldn't do! I only had to use 18, as the password and just trust it was resetting after hitting the first url. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Robert said...

I followed the first part of these instructions and got to the admin screen on my AC-211-SR. All was good. I disabled autoconfig, then decided I didn't have new provider info to enter. I left the everything else alone. Now I can't get back in. It doesn't respond at Now it seems to provide my computer with a dhcp address of Its power light is solid green and ready light is blinking. Mgmt and voice lights are off. Any ideas?

Robert said...

I was able to solve my problem by resetting the gizmo by dialing ##333-2858 from the connected phone. Then I could connect to and enter the password. The admin password had then changed to "s.M" without the quotes. All is well now.

swanitss said...

I came across the same issue. I did not know the values for Authentication ID but my password worked. However, I do have a VOIP light on the Gizmo but when I try dialing out I get only a busy signal.

swanitss said...

I am frustrated now, as I am unable to make even the intermittent calls that I could make yesterday. When I try dialing out I get only a busy signal. Any further help would be appreciated.

Thanks very much.

I came across the same issue. I did not know the values for Authentication ID but my password worked. However, I do have a VOIP light on the Gizmo but when I try dialing out I get only a busy signal.

Ready said...

MY SR service was still working until 5 minutes ago when I followed the instructions above.. Few people already asked this question, but I didn’t see an answer! Whay are the values for User Password and User Name, Authentication ID?

ZJU said...

Any way to configure the Innomedia Gizmo to voicestick?

step by step instruction will be appreciated

Venkata Ramana Reddy said...

Can somebody please post the values for Authentication and Password. Is it something specific to my account or gizmo. If yes, please let me know, where I can find it. I followed the step by step process till 13th Step and now the VOIP line is off (I subscribed to Tele Blend). Need help soon.

Alcibiades said...

AFAIK, if you do a, you lose all the settings (Authentication ID, password, etc) needed to get a dial tone from SR or TeleBlend.

Therefore, I believe the target of these instructions is ONLY those who have decided to completely and finally leave SR and TeleBlend and want to configure for other VOIP providers.

Saint Nick said...

This is a hardware reset to factory default. This is from the INNOMedia Administrator Manual for the SIP MTA63228Re Manual version 4.2.16. Most routers have one.

In the back of the MTA press the "RSTR" button for 5 seconds. You need a paper clip to push the button. The defaults will return to IP Adress. The default "Admin" and "password".

Good luck to you all.

Vishal said...

Step by Step instructions to configure the Innomedia Gizmo to voicestick

Step 1: Unlock Gizmo, as per instructions provided here http://forums.slickdeals.net/showthread.php?sduid=0&t=575697&highlight=sunrocket

Step2 : Login to Gizmo

Step 3: Go to Voip --> Sip Proxy
Enter Following values

Sip Proxy:
Use Outbound proxy: yes
SIP Local Signaling Port: 5060
SIP Domain: i2telecom.com
Registration Expiration Time (sec.): 60
Preferred CODECs List: PCMU/8000
Second Codec (Optional): G729A/8000

Click Save.

Step 4: Go to Voip --> User Accounts

Enter Following Values:

User ID : 1xxxxxxxxxx (Your phone no)
User Password : "Your Password"
User Name : "Same as your User ID"
Authentication ID : leave blank
Use Hot Phone Number: NO
Hot Phone Number: leave blank
Enable T38 FAX : No

Click Save

Step 5: Go to Management and Click Reboot

Thats It,
Enjoy your Voicestick Next2Nothing plan.


Douglas said...

Has anyone discovered a way to transmit data using this setup (fax, tivo, replaytv, etc.)? I have a replaytv that won't connect to download the program guide. i've tried a dsl line filter in every imaginable orientation, as well as dropping the speed to 9600bps.