Monday, July 23, 2007

Unlocking your Gizmo(Linksys SPA2102) to work with ViaTalk

EDIT: Updated based on feedback. The step in bold text is what has been changed.

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As promised, here are the directions to unlocking your gizmo(Lynksys SPA-2102 VOIP Router) to work on ViaTalk's servers.

Step 1: Enable web access (perform functions on home phone)
1. dial ****
2. dial 723646#
3. dial 78778839#
4. dial 1#
5. dial 1 to save

Step 2: Remove access restrictions
1. Go to
2. Enter admin for user and 7UprUtew for password
3. Click on system. Delete the contents of Restricted Access Domain so that it is blank.
4. Hit Submit all changes.

Step 3: Load updated firmware
1. Go to (or from Linksys support) and download to desktop
2. Right click on zip file, extract here.
3. Double click on upg-spa2102-5-1-9.exe
4. Enter for IP hit ok
5. Enter password 7UprUtew hit ok
6. Router stats are displayed, hit upgrade.
7. Hit ok to close utility.

Step 4: Configure Gizmo
1. Go to
2. Enter admin for user and 7UprUtew for password
3. Click on Line1.
4. Change proxy to the server name provided by viatalk.
5. Change outbound proxy to the server name provided by viatalk.
6. Change display name to whatever you wish.
7. Change password to the password that was provided by viatalk.
8. Set use auth id to yes, and set the auth ID text field to your phone number.
9. Set user id to your new viatalk phone number. Don't forget the '1' at the beginning.
10. Click submit all changes to save your settings.
11. Click on provisioning.
12. Delete the contents of both profile rule and upgrade rule so they are blank.
13. Click submit all changes to save your settings.
14. Click on Router.
15. Click on WAN Setup.
16. Change primary ntp server to pick a different time server from
17. Change secondary ntp server to (or pick a different time server from
18. Click submit all changes to save your settings.

All done. You should see your phone settings light up.


A said...

So you still think the 78778839#
password works on 2102?

Read around, and you will find that this password no longer works for anyone who had no unlocked their device by early last week.

Do you have the current password that Teleblend seems to have set on our 2102s?

Totalfark said...

Exactly, "a"

I was so excited to see a new post about the 2102 on here, and when I saw the same old 78778839 I was disappointed...

Totalfark said...
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Tyler said...

I followed the instructions for setup and all inbound calls work fine but every outbound call results in a busy tone. Tried multiple dialplans, direct connect cable modem and ATA, ATA in the DMZ, softphone also didn't work. Any ideas?

dmolavi said...

tyler - i updated the procedure (change in bold text), check it out and see if it fixes things.

Chris said...

First, thank you for referencing my post.

Has your feedback provided you with information that people are receiving better call quality with the auth id enabled?


Tung said...

I have not been able to call to viatalk and was explianed by viatalk that SR blobked the number or maybe the SPA blocks the number which I can not fully understand.

If there is any solution for this problem, please help.

jack said...

i unfortunately was out of town when i got switched over to viatalk and i never had a chance to unlock my 2102 i tried using the password 78778839# but all i got was invalid password i recently got married and now i have no phone can someone please tell me the new password thank you very much

Vern said...

I had Linksys SPA2102 up to the end of Sunrocket and the 78778839# and
the 79309925# passwords do not work. The IVR says they are invalid. Does dmolavi or anyone have the latest passwords as of Aug.

Ashok Raj said...

I think most people had issues when they left the device powered on, which didnt get an IP addr from the livecd dhcp server. I had the same issue for a long time, then i turned the device off and then connected the crossover cable. THen i was able to verify the IP addr by hitting ****, 110#.

Then the steps went through like a flash.

Senthil said...

I could use these settings to unlock and configure to viaTalk. It was all fine for two weeks. Now, I am experiencing frequent disconnect (no dial tone).

And for the surprise, I COULD NOT ACCESS THE WEB PAGE OF THE ADAPTER NOW. It keeps prompting for the username/password just for the ip

Any clue? Please help!