Thursday, November 09, 2006

Innomedia Password

To log into the Innomedia:
1. Open a browser window to
2. Log in with:

username: admin
password: IM_Yass@Sun


Liberty said...

Some people may find the old password useful as well. If they factory reset their Innomedia.

user: admin
password: slapshot

pradeepkodali said...

Hi Try this for innomedia

User ID : user
Password : welcome

Innomedia MTA 6324-2Re

Mike said...

hmmm.... neither of these are working:

mine is Innomedia with v3.0.77

Mike said...

*** DISREGARD previous post regarding IM_Yass@Sun pword not working... I forgot to turn off popup blocker... worked liked a champ!! Thanks!

Fred said...

Note that if you have your Innomedia behind your primary router rather than in front of it, you can telnet into the WAN interface using the same admin account/password combination that's mentioned here.

Frederick said...

Admin pw's are no longer working on my Innomeida. They had worked the last 8+ months and as recently as a few weeks ago.

Looks like Sunrocket changed something. Please post the updates or cracks to find them...thanks!

Estro said...

Looks like the passwords have changed. None of these are working.

Any updates?

finfife said...

Grr. I had turned off call waiting on the Innomedia. Not only did they turn it on again, they "changed the locks" so that we can't apply for ourselves the insanely simple, basic and crucial feature (disabling call waiting) that SR should have directly supported from the start, as their competitors do (Packet8, Voicepulse, and every real phone company on the planet).

Anyone have the new password?

Paul Utkin said...

So, no one got it yet? It is frustrating.

Jane said...

User: admin
Password: 7UprUtew

Just worked for me on the Innomedia!

Jane said...

User: admin
Password: 7UprUtew
Worked just now

smurph said...

new PW: 7UprUtew

but since SR is dead, does it really matter?

Jane said...

Yes it matters if you wish to unlock it and save activation fees from another provider.

t said...

after log in succcessfully, what do you do next to unlock? Should we change the password to make sure SR can not change it?

t said...
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t said...

look like I was fooled :( I used user/welcome but I think I need admin/???? to log in. Can someone help me, plz......

navilluso said...

Tried all the passwords for Immomedia but no luck, even tried Hyperterminal.

No idea how to find the password but if anyone has the 'new' one or how to crack it, I would appreciate it. Thanks

Dan said...

3.0.77 here too. slapshot worked last night.. Now nothing works!! HELP!!

Armando said...

Innomedia MTA 6328-2Re
User: user
Password: welcome

Please note: It's "user" not "admin"

smurph said...

user/welcome is for the standard USER account. not admin. you need admin access to use the innomedia for a different provider. if the passwords above don't work, disconnect the unit from the net, hold the reset button down for 15 seconds, then use the original password (admin/slapshot) and it should work. turn off provisioning, change the password, then you're set

Jeff said...

Tried every user/password on here, nothing worked. I reset the innomedia, unplugged, washed, took out to dinner, and nothing worked. I know one of you internet geniuses can find a password that works. Come on, I'll .... your .....

tim said...

Same here (meaning I can't log into the gizmo, not that I'll blank anybody's blanks...)- i've tried all the posted passwords out there and none worked:

Crack instructions/tools anyone?

One interesting thing is that I can login w/ user & welcome and I still have a SunRocket logo displaying on the user info pages.

Thanks in advance for the help.

bamap said...

Here is how I unlock my Innomedia MTA 6324-2Re to use with viatalk,my GIZMO was with with Sunrocket and after SR out of business I'm continue using it with Teleblend and i'm just swithching to Viatalk with a one year free promotion .

1. Disconect your WAN port and connect your computer to LAN port, open new browser and type and ENTER. you will be ask for user name and password, just use user (user name) and wellcome (password),this will let you log in as user mode
2. Open new browser and type and press ENTER,wait about 10 to 15 seconds you will see a message that tell you your device will be reset to default (be patient). In case it not reset by itself then i think you have to use a paper clip to push thought a RESET hole to reset a unit.If you get a reset message then move up to next step.
3.Close all browser and goto START >>> RUN then type this command telnet then click OK,you will be ask for user name and password, type admin for user name (case sentisive) and press enter, then slapshot for password and press enter,you will see you are loging in a admin mode, type Cw to change a password (case sentive) just follow the screen,if everything go smooth you will see it going to save to flash memory after you comfirm your new password,ok now type E to exit then close it.
4.Don't connect to internet jet if you don't want to start a whole process again. Open a browser and type (case sentisive) you will be ask for user name and password. Put admin in user name and password is the one you just changed in the last step, then press enter, you should loging in admin mode sucessfully.Now you should turn off PROVISIONING is a first step you have to do to prevent SR or TB put their password back, i'm may wrong but it happen to me at a first time then i have to start all the things over, after you turn off a PROVISIONING then just follow a instruction for BYOD user from viatalk webside to configure your box to work.My box it work right away after i put all information i got from viatalk, hope it help some people can wake their dead box to live again.Correct me if you found something wrong in my blog,thanks and good luck to all.

Anil said...


After SR died, I moved to Net2Phone. Now I am trying to switchover to ViaTalk. I already signed up with them with BYOD option. I tried to go to the to configure it but keep getting HTML Error : 404 Page not found. I am able to login to the MTA 6328 re XT using just the but unable to provision the VOIP. Since you seem to have switched successfully to Phone Power, any ideas why I am not able to go to to provision the VOIP for ViaTalk.

Honestly, I don't remember what I did to provision Net2phone. Do you think, I need to somehow restore the SunRocket firmware or something ?

Thanks in advance